Beer Sheva Pastor Speaks at Conferences in Zambia and the Congo

My wife, Randi, and I recently returned back to Israel after a ministry trip to Zambia and the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo).  Our time was marked by us being more encouraged than ever with what we saw and experienced.

Praise to God for the advancement of His Kingdom in the lives of His people there, both physically and spiritually. Our Zambian hosts in Lusaka, Pastor Victor Kunda and his wife, Annie, were able to put us up in their home. About a year ago they dug a deeper borehole (interestingly, in Hebrew, the word for hole is ‘bor’) to a depth that brings up good, clean, drinking water from the ground.

The conferences organized both in Zambia and in the DRC were for the purpose of strengthening the believers — and those who teach them — in the truth and the necessity of God’s faithful and capable commitment to the restoration and salvation of Israel as a nation, which also gives our lives and history a context for understanding what is taking place in the world today. Israel’s place and future are intertwined with God’s plan for the Body of Messiah and for the nations. How we view Israel — whether of God, or of man — will determine our interpretation of current events, and of prophecy yet to be fulfilled.Howard Bass speaking in Africa

In the meantime, the Great Commission continues until the end of the age to all people groups; and it is far better to believe in Jesus/Yeshua now, to be a new creation “in Christ/Messiah”, than to be satisfied with receiving anything less than that which is promised for those who love Him and His coming again. Our own sense of justice is not the same as the righteousness of God. This is a lesson which both Job and Jonah learned, and it changes one’s whole life to ‘get it’! God does not change: He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yehovah God is the Creator of the universe; the only wise God and Savior of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob; the God of Israel; and the God of the Church. We need to know what He is like, and He has given Israel as an example to all believers to learn from.

The conference in the DRC was held in the middle of nowhere, in the Malemba-Nkulu “village” of 100,000 people. Completely undeveloped it is situated next to the ample Congo River, which provides a place to fish, wash clothes and bodies, and to travel by boat. Bishop Kalembo Wa Kasongo is one of two Pentecostal Bishops for the whole of the DRC.

Orphanage in ZambiaFor six days, there were two meetings a day.  Friday evening was particularly crowded and continued longer into the night.  That evening many people thronged around just for prayer, and later one man came up to the car when we stopped by a “shop” and said he wanted to become a Christian and give his life to the Lord. He had been attending from the village.  The Bishop and I got out of the car and he knelt down as we prayed for him.  It was a touching scene.

One man, who had studied theology in England, gave a testimony one morning that this conference, for him, was very significant. He related that there were many wonderful and important things at the theology school he had attended, however THEY  HAD NEVER LEARNED ANYTHING ABOUT ISRAEL. He said that he could see from my teaching the truth of why Israel still has a vital role in God’s redemptive purposes, and that Christians need to get an understanding of that for themselves, for their churches, for their nations. Praise God! “Mission accomplished”!

I urged these pastors and teachers to read the whole of the Bible, while admitting that this alone does not guarantee acquiring the understanding of this mystery of Israel. Some nations irrationally preferring terrorist states over Israel reminds me of the Jewish irrationality of wanting the murderer and rebel, Barabbas, while demanding the Yeshua be crucified. O what a glorious day it will be when the Jewish people see Him whom we pierced, and finally realize the love and the righteousness of the one, true God who created them to be His holy people!

So, the time in Zambia and DRC came to a close with the leaders being satisfied that the main message was related and received with understanding.  We were all very thankful and felt the peace and joy of the Lord, but must admit that we are happy and relieved to be back home!