Beit Eliyahu’s Congregational Retreat “Renewal in the Golan”


We filled all the rooms with 135 people of whom 52 were children! Our youngest (apart from the baby which is expected to arrive in March) was 5 months old – and our oldest participant was 92. The rooms were built in clusters. Families in clusters together, with young people in other clusters and couples in another. No one was “far” away, but we also weren’t on top of each other.

89723fc8-4cb3-4a50-8585-29cc14d84040One person said, “I got to know and talked with people whom I didn’t know previously. It added a lot to the fellowship and I felt that I drew closer to God.”

An atmosphere of enthusiasm and anticipation filled the lobby at the Field School as people started arriving in the afternoon on Friday. The hospitality team lead by Vicki greeted everyone with needed information and a gift. Immediately people joined in a treasure hunt activity to learn their way around the grounds. The joy continued as we gathered as a group to celebrate Shabbat and express being a body. Everyone was just happy to be there – together! And so it continued through the weekend. Even with last minute changes, people had a really great attitude and enjoyed being together.

ea759d3a-2f6c-4343-88f7-d4ab9a573351We focused on God’s vision for us: we are created to worship Him alone – He who loves us and does everything to redeem us. Worshipping God is the true expression of our Messianic faith. This happens at all moments of our lives – not just in Worship Service. This vision is in direct opposition to the Satan’s and world’s vision which continually draws us away from our worship of God to the worship of other things. If we forget our vision or if it gets blurred by Satan’s opposition, we have a serious problem. We need to renew and refresh it regularly. Only in worship do we fulfill the vision God has for us and give Him His rightful place in our lives. 

71e21d8c-6a37-4485-8536-89aed75e180bIt’s our prayer that as a congregation we discovered or renewed God’s vision for our lives. Another participant said, “The subject (of the Retreat) was very important to focus on. To review our lives and see if we live our lives in worship to God. It challenged me to look at my own life, how I do the things I do: is God is the One who gets the honor.”

With the wave of violence in Israel, please be praying for our leaders, our soldiers and the public. The congregations of the north meet in the Lavie Forest this past weekend (Oct. 17), including several Arabic as well as Russian, Hebrew and Amharic congregations. May this bring glory to God as we focus on Him who called us, saved us and made us one in Him.