Bible inspired art: Exhibition features believer among others

Painting depicting the parting of the Red Sea, by Alice Kadosh

“The Bible is a versatile piece of art connecting stories with morals, commands and way of life alongside poetry,” wrote Yael Nitzan, curator of the exhibition Art Inspired by Bible, which was launched at the Khan Baba Center in Kfar Saba.

The exhibition features 18 Israeli artists from many walks of life including one Messianic believer. It features their paintings, sculptures, stained glass, artistic displays and more. It is interesting to see their views of Bible stories displayed through their art.

Sculptor Anne Tamir has seven sculptures on display at the exhibition in Kfar Saba including “Eve,” “The Queen of Sheba,” “King Saul,” “Joseph,” “Samuel” as well as “Yavok” and “God Will Provide.” Tamir, born in Belgium, met her husband in Israel in the 90s, and lives in Ashdot Yaakov in the Galilee.

Bust of King Saul by Anne Tamir
Bust of King Saul by Anne Tamir

As a believer in Yeshua, Tamir draws much inspiration from the Bible, especially from “extreme situations such as the sacrifice of Isaac, and others, who portrays the shadow of the Messiah,” she said. Tamir identifies with the frailties of biblical characters such as Ruth and Naomi, Joseph and others.

“What interests me in each biblical person is their humanity and lack of perfection, like us. And, like us, in spite of their mistakes, most of them obeyed God until the end of the race,” she explained.

To our knowledge, Tamir is the only believer in Yeshua displaying her work at the exhibition.

One of the most moving paintings is the largest of the exhibition – an oil painting on canvas that seems to encompass the entire Bible. Painter Alice Kadosh, 85, a seamstress by profession, began painting at the age of 67. She said the Bible inspires her because she loves the history and stories within.

Sculptor Vadim Rubinchik displays statues of figures such as Abraham and Moses with the Ten Commandments.

Sculpture of Moses and the Ten Commandments by Vadim Rubinchik

“The Bible provides inspiration only due to the fact that I am a Jew,” said Rubinchik who works in the Department of Anatomy at the Technion in Haifa.

“I was looking for my place in the world,” said Rubinchik, who immigrated to Israel with his family from Belarus. “When I touched the sculpture, I found (what I was looking for).”

Because of his work in anatomy, the object of most of his works is the human body, specifically figures in the Bible. The Jewish shtetl (small Jewish town in Europe) also plays a central role in his work. Over the last five years Rubinchik has made over 250 sculptures.

“Art Inspired by the Bible” is showing at Khan Baba Center, 14 Hata’as Street Industrial Zone, Kfar Saba until the end of January and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Admission is free.

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