Biblical archaeologist has supernatural encounter with Yeshua – From Kabbalah to Yeshua

As a Biblical archaeologist I spent many years searching for the truth behind the Bible and God. But I didn’t find my answers in the past, instead I found it in the present. For more than twenty years I studied the Bible rationally, investigating the origin of the Biblical stories through exegesis, theology and archaeology of Israel. In the 90’s I was Area supervisor of Area J at Megiddo (Armageddon) and excavated the temple area and I found myself in the middle of the hottest debates about archaeology and faith. I assisted Professor Israel Finkelstein from Tel Aviv University, the most controversial archaeologist in Israel, who promotes Biblical skepticism and minimalism. Together we unearthed the Bible stone by stone and made many wrong conclusions that undermined people’s faith. At the time, I did not believe in the supernatural or in God, until one day, everything changed.

In 2012, I was living in the Netherlands with my Israeli husband and daughter. At a lecture we met a famous Kabbalist and invited her to stay at our house. She was supposed to come for one night but ended up staying for three months. She was teaching about secret technologies, Kabbalah, the tree of life and energies, but we did not know that she was also doing witchcraft in our house. After three months we physically got her out of our house, but then we were attacked by an invisible force we could not explain. We came under attack by dark occult forces and quickly woke to the reality of the invisible world. I had to admit that the spirit realm was very real, and in it there was darkness and light and they were at war. Desperate, we searched for help with local rabbi’s and tried every new age technique possible. Nothing worked. Until someone told us to cast them out in the name of Yeshua. As scientists we laughed, but were willing to try anything. 

In desperation I called out to Yeshua and the demons started to flee. Then Yeshua revealed Himself in dreams, and rescued me and my family out of the darkness into the light. Stunned, I wondered why demons listen to Yeshua and why He had authority in the spirit realm. Then I discovered that He really did defeat death, broke the laws of science and paid the price for my freedom. I found out He was alive today and head of the kingdom of light and was rescuing people from darkness, and in our case it was attacks from Kabbalah. 

Then the miracles started to happen. We started having many dreams about Yeshua and the Holy Spirit made the Bible come to life. The very book, which I had undermined at Megiddo started talking back and said: “Follow me”, pointing the way to salvation. I discovered that the Bible was not just a history book, but the literal Word of God and that every word is meant for us today. The encounter with Yeshua completely changed my world view and also affected my archaeological interpretations. I now believe the Bible is about both the physical and the spiritual world and it is 100% truth. God cornered this archaeologist and His power cut through all theological minimalism and obliterated biblical skepticism made by man. Now all I want to do is glorify Yeshua and praise Him for the freedom that He has made available to me and to everyone. 

“Then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” – John 8:32

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the Lord led us to Israel where we now reside by the Sea of Galilee and are members of Kehilat Poriya. God gave me the grace to write a book about our extraordinary story, in order to encourage people’s faith, expose kabbalah, show people the way to freedom and give Yeshua the glory. It was published on Purim 2021 in English and Dutch. “Awestruck by Glory” tells the true story about an archaeologist who had a supernatural experience with Yeshua and was miraculously saved from Kabbalah. In the book, I openly tell my story and also discuss the relationship between science, faith and the supernatural. 

The coming year I hope to share this testimony with believers throughout Israel to encourage them  during these end times, to glorify Yeshua, teach about the dangers of Kabbalah and new age, and give keys to overcome. The testimony tour is called: “From Kabbalah to Yeshua” and includes many current issues that Israelis are faced with today such as: Kabbalah, biblical archaeology, the power of the blood in the spirit realm, faith vs science, spiritual warfare, dreams, and deliverance.

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“Awestruck by Glory” is available in Israel on Amazon or Book Depository. 

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