Bless Israel Network: A Messianic Jewish Voice from Zion to the Nations

Daniel and D’vorah Calic, Messianic believers, made aliyah to Israel from the US in 2011. They have had a Jewish Roots teaching ministry since 2007, but two years ago the Lord put a new ministry on their hearts: Bless Israel Network.

Bless Israel Network is a media organization based in Israel; the programs are written, produced, directed and recorded in Israel. It is a unique TV platform for Jewish believers inside Israel to have a voice out to the Nations and share what they are doing on a daily basis.

Daniel states, “We believe the time has come for Jewish believers to once again proclaim the coming Kingdom of God as they did in the time of Yeshua/Jesus.”

To Daniel and D’vorah the signs are clearly showing that we approaching the last days before Yeshua’s return. Part of the purpose of the Bless Israel Network is to inform viewers how Jewish believers are building the Kingdom within Israel in preparation for the return of Yeshua.

The initial project is a weekly TV program oriented toward believers among the nations, which will broadcast interviews with leaders of Israeli Messianic congregations and ministries. The program will also provide teachings that focus on the Jewish roots of Christianity and the prophetic role of Israel in God’s plan.

For more information about the Bless Israel Network, visit their website
or click on the video below.