Blessed are the peacemakers

‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.’ – Yeshua

The real pacemakers of the heart are the peacemakers, who shall be called the children of God. And like the Son of God himself, are as likely to be crucified.

The making of war is a relatively easy state to fall into, like a child who is capable of knocking down everything in the den, whereas the task of taking the mess and making of it peace is far more challenging. It demands always the taking of personal risk, of deeds that call the peacemaker well beyond his own comfort zone. Making peace necessitates the brave act of interceding between two parties who are at odds. Seldom does either party request the interference, except at times in the case of professional counselors. The risk entails the possibility of becoming a third party in contention, resented and rejected by the two in conflict. The case of the Messiah is a prime example of the risk taken, not only in prayer, but in an active vulnerability that would lead to rejection and crucifixion.

Is it at all worth the risk? It would appear that few think so. The outcome is by no means guaranteed, but the very possibility of achieving peace, even if remote, is considered blessed. And those who are willing to take that risk are to be called the children of God.