Blessed is He who comes! (Part 2)

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Yeshua is the King of the Jews, and the King of Kings. He is the son of David and the son of God. He is the King of Israel and the Head of the Church. Therefore, the final triumphal entry must have both an International dimension and an Israelite dimension.

In the same way, the promise of His coming must have an international prerequisite, as well as the Israelite one. The Israelite prerequisite we just read in Matthew 23; the International one is found in Matthew 24:

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world as a witness to every ethnic group; and then the end will come” – Matthew 24:14.

So, there are two major themes of the kingdom of God which prepare the way for the Second Coming: first, the gospel to all the nations; then the restoration of Israel (both physically and spiritually).

These two kingdom themes are found throughout the Bible in hundreds of passages. They are summarized so simply and succinctly by Yeshua in Matthew 24 and Matthew 23. They may be considered the two general prerequisites for the Second Coming of Yeshua.

When Yeshua returns, He will set up His Millennial Messianic kingdom on earth. Its capital will be Jerusalem; there will be peace and prosperity among all the nations; the devil will be bound and imprisoned for a thousand years (Isaiah 2, Revelation 20, etc.).

Evil Resistance

While the coming of Yeshua’s kingdom is wonderfully good news for the human race, it is horribly bad news for demons. Therefore, the two “prerequisites” for the Second Coming become the two targets of spiritual warfare.  The forces of evil know they will be destroyed at Yeshua’s coming; therefore, they want to stop those two prerequisites.

Satan fights against these two things: the gospel of the kingdom to the nations, and the restoration of the kingdom to Israel. All of us in the International ecclesia and in the Messianic remnant of Israel serve diligently to bring about those two prerequisites. Therefore, we also become the targets of demonic attack.

Welcoming The King

The phrase “Baruch Haba” is used in three occasions in Hebrew culture. The first is to say, “Welcome” to anyone who enters your home. The second is to welcome the groom into the wedding ceremony to receive his bride. The third, as we have seen above, is to welcome the king of Israel into his capital city of Jerusalem at the time of his inauguration.

So, let us join together to say, “Baruch Haba” and “Maranatha” to Yeshua – both in Israel and the nations. Yeshua, we welcome you back to planet earth. We welcome you back to receive your purified and glorious bride. We welcome you back to rule and reign as King in Your Kingdom. Blessed is He who comes, Yeshua, King, Messiah.

This article originally appeared on Revive Israel, October 2, 2019, and reposted with permission.