Book Release – I Am Miriam by Deanna Malespin

In a new short story about Miriam of Nazareth, modern Galilean mother Deanna Malespin paints a relatable picture of one of the most elevated women in history. While Malespin creates an enjoyable story, her readers will also get a glimpse into everyday life during this time including; food, religious and social customs, and even political struggles of the day. Joseph’s side of the story also gets a touch of a convincing, yet fictional, backstory. 

“I always felt Mary was a bit unrelatable, a statue almost or even a ‘holier than thou’ figure,” Deanna recalls. However, while watching a children’s cartoon depicting Miriam with a broom in her hands, Deanna for the first time felt a reliability to Miriam as a real flesh and blood person. That simple cartoon began the journey to read and search about the realistic life of a young 1st century Jewish woman who was called to a great purpose. Living in the Galilee gives Deanna (a mother of 3 young children) unique insight and easy access to seeing what life could have looked like for the young mother of the Messiah. 

While the book is fictional and should be read as such, the characters and central events are recorded in the first few chapters of the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Malespin takes these events and blends them with cultural and historical information along with a healthy touch of imagination. 

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