Britain’s Muslim Population to be 26 Million by 2051

Few themes in the Bible are repeated more than this: When a nation turns their back on God, that nation begins a downward spiral, heading finally to its destruction.

It is not a comfortable subject to think about. And yet, the Lord tells us, “Now when these things begin to happen, look up… because your redemption draws near.”

However, to ignore the subject of unrepentant nations falling into chaos is not, I believe, an accurate read of the way God wants us to respond.

After all, the entire Bible warns us to alert our wayward nations of coming judgment. King Solomon understood this fundamental truth before he, too, turned from God, and his nation suffered the same tragedies.

“When Thy people Israel are defeated before an enemy, because they have sinned against Thee, if they turn to Thee again and confess Thy name and pray…then hear Thou in heaven, and forgive the sin of Thy people Israel…” I Kings 8:33-34

A void has been created by Britain’s leaders, who themselves have been duped by pop stars, salacious TV series, brutal movies and the wild life of the uber-rich together with patronizing scholars and elites who have nothing but disdain for God. To fill that void, another god – Allah – is moving in. His law is Sharia. His goal is to conquer completely the British Isles.

The problem is not about different ethnic groups arriving to live in Britain. God created each ethnicity with lovingkindness. The problem is simply the West, whether it acknowledges it or not, is in a battle of civilizations. Put another way, Britain, if it continues its current path, will become an Islamic nation.

The Truth in Demographics

Demographics may take more than a generation to reveal irreversible changes. But demographics reliably foretell the future if things continue as they are. Look at these figures:

– Today there are 2,900,000 Muslims living in Britain, including Scotland and North Ireland – about 5% of the population. (

– The Muslim population is multiplying 75% every 10 years.

The demographic model widely reported in the mainstream press reveals:

– By 2021, Britain’s Muslim population will reach about 4,900,000.

– By 2031, 8,600,000

– By 2041 15,000,000

– By 2051, nearly 26,000,000 (

From the British non-Muslim population, its birthrate is 2.1 per female – below the replacement level.Ibid. In other words, the real numbers of non-Muslims will shrink.

It is estimated that in 2051 there will be a total of 77,000,000 British citizens. The respected Commentator newspaper concludes that “if immigration policies continue as they are…then the Muslim population projection of 26 million by the year 2051 can be rationally defended. (Ibid.)

So by the middle of this century, a third of the population will be Muslim. If the majority of non-Muslims are secular, without a personal Jesus-centered life, Britain will be rudderless in a very stormy sea.

Sharia Law Means Persecution against Christians

There is no denial that Sharia law is already being practiced throughout Great Britain by Muslims; polygamy is common, and the Islamic culture pertaining to women and other religions is replacing British law in communities with a sizable Muslim population. As the Islamic religion increases, British believers will experience severe persecution, especially in freedom of speech and liberty to preach the Gospel.

Just as genuine Christians know that they have been redeemed by the precious Lamb of God, sent by the One True God, Jehovah, so are Muslims absolutely positive that Allah is the only true god, and Jesus is not the Son of God, nor did He die for anyone’s sins.

So here we have two divergent theologies. But the lethal conflict is this: Christians and Messianic Jews believe that our God has commanded us to bring the Good News of Eternal Life to the non-believers through our testimony, our love and our faith that God will prove Himself real to any and all who seek Him with all their hearts.

Muslims believe Allah is the only true god and he has commanded his followers to conquer the world, set up a Caliphate, force Christians and Jews and all “infidels” to convert or ultimately be slaughtered. These are the commandments of Mohammed.

As long as Muslims are a small minority, it is more difficult to perceive their ultimate goals. But today, across the world, those devout Muslims, whose greatest desire is to return to Mohammed’s seventh century original Islam, are experiencing an Islamic revival.

Islam Expanding in Big Towns and Small

Today in Britain, the trend is already noticeable. In a blog written by Paul Wilkinson called “The Islamization of England, One Town at a Time,” he describes little towns like Whitley Bay, a resort in the Northeast of 10,000 souls. Despite being only 0.3% Muslim, Wilkinson describes the numerous “Indian” restaurants – a proper word for “Middle Eastern” and another half a dozen Muslim-owned fast food takeaways on the main drag. Passing by another small village, he came upon a large mosque that had just been built.

Or take larger cities like the Bradford area with somewhat more than half a million citizens. Here there are over 100,000 long-time immigrants from Pakistan. In their area the stores appear to be 100% owned by Muslims; children are heading to the numerous local madrassas to learn about strict Islam. The Pakistanis like to import imams from the mother country. You get the picture.(

In the January and February 2015 Maoz Israel Report, I wrote a detailed summary of the plans that Islamic fundamentalists have to take over Western democratic countries. That, of course, includes Great Britain. Muslim journalists and media personages, professors, sports icons, literary personalities and artists – all help in increasing Islamic influence in democratic nations. One of their most important goals is to elect Muslim candidates into government.

Sharia Judge Promotes Polygamy

Last summer, the UK’s first female Sharia judge said that the UK government has no right to prohibit Islamic polygamy.

According to The Times, some 100,000 Muslims in the UK are currently married under Sharia not recognized by UK law. Many of these marriages are polygamous.

Earlier this year a report found that Muslim women across Britain were systematically oppressed, abused and discriminated against by Sharia law courts that treated women as second-class citizens. The 40-page report by Baroness Cox, a leading human rights campaigner, found women were pressured by their communities to use Sharia courts rather than civil courts and were threatened and intimidated if they did not comply.

One woman said, “I feel betrayed by Britain. I came here to get away from this and the situation is worse here than in the country I escaped from.”

De-Christianize Britain?

Spiritually speaking, humanist and atheistic activists are assisting the spread of Islam. By demanding that schools suspend teaching from a Christian point of view and by removing all Biblical signs and values from the public square, they leave an enormous void which Islam is more than happy to fill.

Baroness Butler-Sloss’s two-year commission involving leading religious leaders from all faiths has concluded that Britain is truly no longer Christian and recommends that public life should be systematically de-Christianized. (

As the children of Christian parents wander from the faith of their fathers, the younger generation of more secular Muslim parents are becoming much more devout. In short, most children of Christians have left the faith, while the children of Muslims are returning to theirs.

Outside of massive revival of the magnitude of George Whitfield, John Wesley, and others, the British Isles will be unrecognizable by 2051. Revival has swept the British people in the past. It can sweep the land again.

This article originally appeared on the Maoz Israel Report, February 2016.