Can a Nation be Born in One Day?

Who has ever heard a thing like this?  Can a nation be born in one day? – Isaiah 66:8

The past Thursday was Yom HaAtzmaut in Israel – Independence Day. On May 14,1948, the above verse was fulfilled as Israel was miraculously resurrected from being a dead nation. The ‘experts’ said it couldn’t happen. When the miracle occurred the ‘experts’ said it wont be able to survive. Obviously they didn’t realise that the God of Israel was at work keeping His promises. And the new nation’s neighbours weren’t too pleased with the ‘new kid on the block’.  They launched the first of many subsequent wars against Israel the very next day. Since that day Israel’s neighbours have never really accepted her and her 68 years have not been easy. In the early days of the modern state of Israel, she was a hero nation in the eyes of the western world. Her ‘David & Goliath’  type victories and the success of the kibbutz movement won Israel much admiration.

However, since the 1967 Six Day War, when Israel regained East Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria (the West Bank), and the Gaza Strip there has been a problem. The Arab nations have demanded that Israel return land legitimately gained as the spoils of war, and even more legitimately regained as land promised by God to Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (Psalm 105:6-11 & Genesis 15:17). And most of the western nations have capitulated to the Arab block pressure for fear of losing their major supply of oil and/or the threat of terror attacks.

Since 1948, more than 20,000 Israelis have paid with their lives for the continued existence of the Jewish state. As we watch some of the special remembrance ceremonies that were held this week, we saw on one hand the pain in the hearts of those who have lost sons and fathers, daughters and mothers during the 68 year conflict for Israel’s survival. On the other hand, we saw in their eyes, the resolve to ensure Israel’s future. Almost every Israeli has lost a family member or close friend or knows someone who has. Israel is a hurting nation. Sadly most Israelis still don’t know their Messiah and have no faith in their God and are not aware of the awesome prophetic promises for their people and their nation. After 2000 years of persecution and anti-Semitism, 99% of Israeli Jews just want to live in peace with our neighbouring cousins, but sadly that desire is not reciprocal. Our cousins don’t want us around at all – well at least in their Islamic neighbourhood. There is a family feud going on.

What does this family feud have to do with the Church? EVERYTHING!!! The One whose return we should all be looking forward to, told His followers, “just as I  leave I will return”.  Yeshua left Israel, not Palestine. He left a city called Jerusalem, united in Jewish hands. And by His own words, that is the only situation that He can return to. Just understanding that, the reason for the terrible life costing conflict over Israel should become very obvious. The Devil doesn’t want the Lord to return. It is his worst nightmare. He must rid the Middle East of Israel and the Jewish people.

As Israelis joyfully celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut, bearing the pain of the last 2000 years and forcing themselves to grin through it, there is a very dark cloud hanging over us. Our prime minister, once a fighting hero of the nation, has been pressured by the US administration, the UN and the EU to surrender key portions of Israel’s rightful territory to our enemies. The ones who have been attempting to destroy Israel and have killed thousands of Jewish men, women and children in the process, are about to receive a huge prize. When they last occupied Gaza, it was a cursed dead land. As it was returned to its rightful owners after the miraculous victory in 1967, the desert indeed began to bloom.  Now copious quantities of incredible quality fruit, vegetable and flowers grown in the resurrected soil of the Gaza Strip fill Israeli and international markets. To give blessed fertile land back to its destroyers is a foolishly criminal act.

I just read a news report that says that the Obama State Department, the UN and the EU are preparing to increase the pressure on the Israeli government to concede to the demands of the Muslim world to give away large parts of the land that God promised to Abraham. It is major ploy in Lucifer’s plan to see the end of the State of Israel. Remember – No Israel = No 2nd coming of Messiah. As I ponder the current situation, I have to ask, “Why is the majority of the Church silent on this criminal plan that emanates from Hell?” As Christians our future is dependent upon Israel’s future. If Jerusalem is redivided and Israel is defeated, there will be no place for the Lord to return to. Every church in the world should be praying for and standing with Israel and the Jewish people at this strategic time for the Kingdom of God.

The potential power of the praying church may well be the key to swing the balance. This wicked scheme to evict Jews from their land will have an effect on the timing of the Lord’s return.

What is the best gift you could give to Israel for her 68th birthday? There is an opportunity for all of you to be a co-labourer of the Most High.

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries, May 13, 2016, and reposted with permission.