CBN Israel and FIRM to host Amutah Forum in May

Yehuda Hotel, Jerusalem

With the hope of providing valuable resources for ministries and other believing organizations in Israel, CBN Israel and the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) are hosting a forum specifically for nonprofits.

The goal of the one-day forum is to provide tools to amutot (non-profit organizations) in the land, promote unity, strengthen relationships and inspire excellence.

The first of its kind among the Body of Messiah in Israel, the forum will be held May 2 at the Yehuda Hotel in Jerusalem. Presentations will be in Hebrew with English translation available.

Workshops will include teambuilding through leadership and effective strategy; organizational structure and planning within NGOs; utilizing marketing and social media to clarify messaging and effectively reach target audiences; establishing and maintaining long-term relationships; capital investment and excelling at fundraising and accountability and organizational transparency. (Please see the full program below.)

More than 250 participants representing ministries and nonprofits from all over Israel are expected to attend. The fee for pre-registered attendees is 100 shekels for individuals and 50 shekels per person for groups of three or more. Price of admission at the door will be 150 shekels for individuals and 100 shekels per person for groups of three or more people. To pre-register for the forum, visit HERE.

FIRM is a global fellowship of biblically-grounded believers committed to cultivating Messiah-centered relationships that bless the inhabitants of Israel—Jews, Arabs and others—and the Jewish community around the world.

The Amutah Forum Program:

  • 08:00 Coffee/Tea & Pastries 
  • 09:00 Worship & Plenary Session – Keynote Speaker: Evan Levine, HaTikva Project “Serving with Excellence and Unity”
  • 10:15 Seminar 1
    • TRACK 1 – Visionaries & Pioneer Leaders, Eitan Kashtan, HaChotam/Hesed veEmet “Relying on Him: Supernatural Stories of God’s Intervention”
    • TRACK 2 – Admin, Legal & HR, Joseph Magen, Kehila News “Board of Directors: Role, Evolution, Building a BOD, Reporting, Fiduciary Responsibility”
    • TRACK 3 – Social Media & Marketing, Jonathan Moore, Ahavat Yeshua“Clarifying your message so people care about your ministry (Elevator Pitch)”
    • TRACK 4 – Partner Relations, Shira Sorko-Ram, MAOZ“Developing & Maintaining Relationships with Donors”
    • TRACK 5 – Finances, Yoel Shoshani, ASIF Consulting & Marketing “Budgeting (Programs/Admin)/management report (cash-flow culture to a budget-driven organization)”
  • 11:00 Resource Fair 
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Seminar 2 
    • TRACK 1 – Visionaries & Pioneer Leaders, “Building an Effective Team”
    • TRACK 2 – Admin, Legal & HR, Mordechai Wiseman, Israel First Fruits “Excelling in HR: Job Descriptions, Interviews, Monitoring, Evaluation, Issues, Compensation”
    • TRACK 3 – Social Media & Marketing, Jake Fichman, Goldfish Marketing“How to utilize Social Media to share your story with the world.”
    • TRACK 4 – Partner Relations, Sandy Shoshani, Be’ad Chaim “How to ask for money: Project Proposals/Fundraising Campaigns”
    • TRACK 5 – Finances, Veronica Paz, Business Owner “Veronica’s Budget” “Reporting, Receipting, and Bookkeeping”
  • 14:15 Seminar 3
    • TRACK 1 – Visionaries & Pioneer Leaders, Israel Pochtar, Voice of Judah “Going Forward: How to Make a Vision Come to Life & Following Through.”
    • TRACK 2 – Admin, Legal & HR, Calev Myers, Yehuda Raveh Law Firm “Legal Structure, How to Form an Amutah, Annual Reporting, CGS/S46/A”
    • TRACK 3 – Social Media & Marketing,  Mati Shoshani, Sar-El Media “Marketing: Creating Compelling Graphic Design, Video, and Photos.”
    • TRACK 4 – Partner Relations, CEO of established local and international advocacy organization. “Be Transparent: How to communicate and Develop Annual Reports for your Partners”
    • TRACK 5 – Finances, Nirit Bar David, Yehuda Hotel “How to create/read Financial Reports”
  • 15:00 Resource Fair, Coffee & Tea
  • 16:00 Plenary Session – Keynote Speaker: Eitan Shishkoff, Tents of Mercy, “Going Forward: Transitioning from Singular to Team Vision”
  • 17:15 Closing