CBN: The Voice of Christian News

Paul Calvert speaks to CEO Gordon Robertson, about the role of CBN, and his opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Paul: What is CBN News?

Gordon: CBN is a broadcasting and media production company based out of Virginia Beach. We have offices in Washington DC, New York, and Jerusalem and some bases scattered around the world. The idea is to tell news of interest to Christians.

Paul: When was CBN started, and why?

Gordon: We were started in the late 1970’s. It was a dream that my father had, that there needed to be a Christian alternative to the major news organisations, that didn’t have the same interests and the same stories. Currently in the US you are not going to find many stories about the christian persecution that is happening in the Middle East and other countries. We wanted to fill that gap, and let Christians know stories of interest to them.

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