Celestial signs


The last couple years have been full of signs in the heavens, with many Bible believers saying that they portend imminent acts of God in line with prophecies in His Word. There are more supposedly on the way, this August and September and October. Admittedly, it is all ‘other-worldly’ to me!

Whether or not things are going to unfold precisely as pronosticators speculate in conjunction with these signs remains to be seen. (It seems that, till now, they have not.) But even if not, God is drawing our attention to numerous signs or indicators which point us in the right direction: the coming of the Lord draws near(er)! And Yeshua Himself has given us celestial signs which do lead up to His coming, and to which we should give at least some attention. (Matt. 24:29-30; Mark 13:24-26; Luke 21:25-28; Rev. 6:12-17) These specific signs have not yet occurred, and seem to be still some years away, “after the tribulation of those days” of which the Lord and Messiah speaks.

This year of 2017 is a year of convergence commemorating a number of significant events in history, all connected in some way with the Lord’s providential supervision of history in connection with the spread of the gospel and the salvation of His people Israel, and judgments and the blessing to come for the whole world through His two-edged sword.

2017 — 500 yrs since the Reformation; 120 yrs since 1st Zionist Congress; 100 yrs (double Jubilee) since Beer Sheva Charge, the Balfour Declaration, and the capture of Jerusalem by Gentile Christians; 70 yrs since UN Partition Plan; 50 yrs Jubilee since capture of Jerusalem by Israeli Jews; 30 yrs since beginning of 1st Palestinian Intifada (“breaking the yoke; horse shaking off the rider”)

Scoffers may think that there is nothing going on which speak of the Lord’s return, but God is giving people in many walks of life to consider that there are countless ways pointing to the end-times of the last days — in nature, in morality, in the return of the Jewish people back to the covenant land of promise. Signs point to and signify something to draw the attention and direct us in the right direction.

The gospel accounts are a bit sketchy regarding when the maji from the East saw and understood the celestial sign connected with the birth of the King of the Jews. How long from when they saw it was Yeshua born? Was He born before, during, or after they witnessed the sign? How long did it take them to travel to Israel? The Scriptures do say that Herod had all the baby boys up to two years old killed.

The Holy Spirit is waking up the church, but there is much confusion of faces (to use a phrase in Daniel) among the believers, and the world is unable yet to give us much credibility, since there is so much abuse and misappropriation of the signs. My prayer is that the Lord will do what He needs to to bring His sheep together with one accord and one voice, and in love and unity — all as a testimony to the truth of who Yeshua/Jesus really is. I pray that He would put His fear into His own, and into the world-at-large, and grant repentance where it is needed most in each of us who call upon His name out of a pure heart.

May the voice of the Lord be heard, His word spoken, and heard in those with ears to hear. Lord, please give me a hearing ear and a discerning spirit!

This article originally appeared on Streams in the Negev, July 30, 2017, and reposted with permission.