Charismania and Pentecost (a critique)

Artwork by Elhanan ben-Avraham

As an artist I’ve been working with what is called “imagination” – which is a gift of G-d – all my life but it is not the Holy Spirit (but can be influenced by and used by the HS for divine purpose).

I also love good music – but it is not the HS. In charismatic gatherings these two factors work together to create a mood, just as we do in the making of movies, to produce emotional results by group dynamics. I can provide a long list of the false words, prophesies, deliverances and healings (by even those well-known ministers who thought they were real) which are produced by these devices. These phenomena are similar to the gullible in many pagan religious gatherings from time immemorial.

My own relation with the HS has nothing to do with the influence of loud music or loud prayers or men’s manipulations which are not needed by the Most High. I know the real thing when I see it, and can settle for nothing less. But the Great American entertainment industry has entered the church and folks now expect the very best of entertainment.

What do you suppose would happen to the HS in charismatic gatherings if there was no loud or amplified music or shouting and dancing, if somebody cut off the electricity? When Shaul and Bar Naba entered the Gentile cities they did not drag along a battery of musicians with amplified music, nor did Yeshua in any of His ministries. And there was none of that at Shavuot in the 1st century when something uncontrived and very real, not babble as in Babylon, but languages spoken that all could understand, occurred in Spirit and in Truth, most sovereignly.