Children at-risk in Israel: Help in practical terms

There are hundreds of thousands vulnerable in Israel that often slip under the radar. They are at-risk children, and they need our help!

In 2020, the necessity to care for at-risk children became even more urgent. With lengthy lockdowns, online education and various restrictions, children did not have an easy year. Many families, who struggled with finances already before the pandemic, were now forced to seek outside help. And often, childcare became a serious challenge.

One area where the current predicament is acutely felt is in the lack of emergency shelter homes. In other words, these homes would be a safe landing spot for children in crisis who have been ripped from the familiar.

Believers in Israel did not want to sit idly. There had to be something they could do! With hearts on their sleeves and all hands on deck, they were ready to take action. So, can believing families somehow step in, and care for children in need?

Caring for At-Risk Children

FIRM is partnering with Israeli ministries that encourage believers in Israel to take up the cause of the orphan and vulnerable child. By promoting and facilitating adoption and foster care in Israel, with your support our partner ministries are mobilizing the Israeli Body of Messiah.

We were excited to learn of a dream carried by the leaders and staff of HaTikva Project. They wanted to purchase a home in order to welcome all at-risk children that needed a safe space. In this difficult season they have taken bold, practical steps to become a solution to a heartbreaking problem.

Israeli believers are in the process of establishing a loving emergency shelter home for abandoned and hurting children. As they wait for a permanent home, we want to offer them a safe environment where they can grow and know the love of God.

It starts with a Family

At-risk children usually arrive at foster homes scared and likely traumatized. But also, in desperate need of love and connection. We want to change their circumstances and you can help us do that!

By joining the Tribe and choosing to donate monthly to a cause, you can directly support this first ever emergency home for at-risk children operated by believers in Israel!

HaTikva Project has already found a suitable location that can serve this goal. With supporters around the world and thanks to generous givers like you, they are scheduled to receive keys to the new home in May. As FIRM, in partnership with our monthly givers, we want to be a part of this story! Will you join us?

Changing Lives of Children at-risk 

In pursuing the vision of creating this home, the ministry has entered into a partnership with the largest foster care organization in Israel. Which means, it positions the believers in the country as credible and dependable. And this is how we want to be recognized in Israel, for the glory of our God.

The foster care organization will oversee the application process and training of the house parents. The family needs to be prepared at any moment to receive children from troubled homes. Thus, getting professional training is pivotal, and it is encouraging that such education will be provided.

Initially, the house will welcome at-risk children from 0-5 years old, who were either removed from their home due to court order or another precarious situation. This home will be their first landing spot. A loving family will care for them until they can find a more permanent home.

This article originally appeared on FIRM, March 8, 2021, and reposted with permission.