Christian TV studio in Jerusalem destroyed by arsonist

Daystar Television Network’s studio after arson attack

An arsonist destroyed a Christian television studio in Jerusalem over the weekend, apparently throwing an incendiary device into the studio, which was closed and, thankfully, unoccupied on Saturday night.

Daystar Television Network’s studio was “reduced to ashes” and equipment destroyed, according to a news release from the network. Security cameras showed that the arsonist used a rope to climb up to the roof, descend and then escape by foot.

Israeli police are investigating the attack.  

Daystar, one of the world’s largest Christian networks, is the only Christian channel that can be seen on both Israeli cable and satellite channels. The facility was being renovated with plans to unveil the new studio by June 1.

Marcus Lamb, founder and president of Daystar Television Network, said he hopes the ministry’s message of forgiveness will touch “the person responsible for this incident.”

“You can’t silence the life-changing truth of the Gospel,” Lamb said. “From the ashes of this tragedy, we will rise up with help from our partners around the globe and continue reaching across Israel to share God’s love and forgiveness.”

Daystar has been broadcasting from Israel since 2006. The studio is located in the Abu Tor neighborhood overlooking the Mount Zion side of the iconic Old City. It is adjacent to two other Christian organizations – Succat Hallel, a 24/7 prayer house, and Trinity Broadcasting Network’s studio.

Other Christian ministries have offered use of their facilities for Daystar’s broadcasts, the ministry reported.

“In the wake of this disaster, I’m humbled by outpouring of support from our partners and other ministries,” Lamb said. “It’s really a beautiful picture of how the Body of Christ comes together to boldly declare our unwavering commitment to the Great Commission, and we are eternally grateful!”

Daystar Television Network reaches more than 109 million households in the United States and over 5 billion people worldwide, according to information released by the organization.

Daystar immediately started a restoration campaign calling on ministry supporters to help rebuild its Jerusalem facility.

“Even now we’re exploring every option and discovering how best to rebuild on a foundation the Lord laid for us long ago,” Daystar said in an appeal for donations on its website. “Just as it was in the days of Nehemiah, who rebuilt the crumbling walls around Jerusalem, God will stand with us as we remain fully committed to the work of His Kingdom.”