Clinton: Facade of Israeli-Palestinian peace process better than none at all 

A facade of an Israeli-Palestinian peace process is better than none at all, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told senior staffers according to the latest batch of leaked emails released by WikiLeaks.

In emails dated March 23, 2015, Clinton wrote foreign policy adviser Jake Sullivan and campaign chairman John Podesta saying that a “Potemkin process is better than nothing.” Potemkin was a Russian advisor and diplomat under Catherine II who was thought to have created fictional villages to impress his rulers.

Clinton’s message was in response to an earlier email from Sullivan who sent her a link to a New York Times article about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s apology for his remarks ahead of Israel’s March 2015 elections that “Arab voters are going in droves to the polls.”

“Unsurprisingly, Pragmatic Bibi makes an appearance,” Sullivan wrote sarcastically in the email.

The presidential candidate noted in response, “This is an opening that should be exploited.”

Last week, WikiLeaks posted thousands of emails believed to have been obtained in a hack of Clinton’s campaign emails. Many of the emails in the latest dump refer to Israel and its relations with America under the Obama administration.