Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

The Tel Aviv terrorist who struck down ten people and murdered two plus the cab driver (Arab) who drove him there is now gone and many of us in this area sigh relief.

Indeed another phase passed us where we looked behind us more and personally I even turned on more lights all the time. The truth is this last terrorist eluded police in Israel for a full week. Now I don’t think that is a very long time but for Israel it is considered long. Here are some thoughts from this past week as we walked this road together wondering where could he be hiding? It seemed as all the army was looking for him, certainly a lot of them. Yet through prayers of believers in Yeshua and the police, he was finally caught. His demise was typical, he was “neutralized”. What may have transpired that week in the heavenlies and why did it take so long? One reason is we may now see a clearer picture of the friendly cities which are not Jewish among us. It is a little frightening.

I sent out many prayer letters to ask help in his capture. One day after not seeing any results from prayer (also unusual) I stopped to think. Overwhelmed by what seemed to be a moment of God’s leading I became instantly still. Could it be, just maybe that he is going to die I thought? His family knowing this with almost certainty I believe. Their hearts pondering it over a week, sadly pondering what had become of their little boy they once raised and cared for. Surely in their hearts they knew he was so wrong and his wicked act could not ever be rectified by their own deeds. How can a father lay a trap for his son to surely be killed? The father may have even been sorry he told the police it was his son who murdered (via television after the attack). The family trying to prolong what would be understood as the inevitable as days passed by. Everyone knew it, everyone felt it, and especially those in his hometown where he was hiding just 2 hours after the attack! A cloud of certain death was hanging over Wadi Ara, an eerie cloud.

Some struggled with his hopeful capture. Would his father ever see him, would we get justice? The worst thought was thinking he would get a lighter sentence because he was somehow deranged according to his family and those close to him. His being deranged was obvious because such a murderer is always deranged and is never “normal”, I mean really!

Yet a cool breeze with smoke blown in our eyes was being fabricated as he escaped us. The smoke was thick and already many were being tugged at their hearts hours after he had just murdered in cold blood. It was sickening to think of how crimes are done and a lenient sentence would be already in the weave due to mental instability. I mean if it was not true about his mindset which I was inclined to believe. As the days grew longer we learned how he crafty and cunning he was, the worst of the worst. He definitely was not to be soft on; he was an exceedingly great evil.

After a few long days of cancelling trips, not going out unnecessarily and looking over my shoulder I wondered again. Lord I asked, where is this guy, you know! Why are you allowing this slippery guy to go on and we don’t know anything? Oh Lord I felt his gentle lead, you are up to something. I began to think of the family of our terrorist. His father had once been a police volunteer and the very gun used to massacre was his father’s. It seemed to be too personal, too upfront. Oh Lord you are doing things we cannot see. There is activity behind the scenes you are allowing to take place (many things as we later learned). Then I began to pray more exact. Whoever, whatever is keeping that smoke screen going, let it be burned by your fire Lord. I knew it was a matter of time before his being caught or killed but seeing the nation in turmoil was hardest. We always get our man, always. We as a nation have travelled far and wide to get our enemies and exact payback. And rightly so may I add. Yet another day and another went by and no success in his capture. What was happening in the unseen realm? Was he so riddled with fear that he slept with his falcon machine gun every minute? Was he so proud to think contrary to Scripture that God would not see him? Was he perhaps sorry and found Daystar on his TV and confessed and repented while accepting Yeshua’s blood for his dreadful sin? Or was he plotting how to kill his soon-to-be captors and perform yet also another deadly attack?

I can only surmise that the whole town (who many knew of his whereabouts and did not come forth) is guilty before God. This is a real slap in the face to Israel who tries very hard to be fair for the most part with our Arab communities who are Israeli and more. In Old Testament times we would have to burn the town to the ground I think. Biblically there was a purging in the Old Testament of wickedness wide spread. There is an enemy within which does not side with what is right. Whatever reason the town had, having seen him grow up, or they knew his family or whatever excuse, it was plain wrong not to expose him, even as an anonymous citizen.

I hope someone goes by that town and spills oil from their car while praying all the way, breaking that yoke which holds those people so fiercely in bondage with fear. May we pray for Israel’s salvation more fervently now because now we have entire sinful cities banding together in unrighteousness within Israel. This is altogether bad folks, altogether bad.

We do not know the reasons everyone was silent about his known whereabouts. Yet there is no just reason it would seem. People are scared, scared of terrorists. They were scared someone would come and destroy them if they revealed what they knew. We must break this bondage in the land, the fear of man; it is a snare in the Bible. We as believers must break this evil and fear, Yeshua said we must be a light to the nations. A light is only good if it is the true light and how dark are we inside when it is the wrong kind of light. Our light must show through.

While many on social media feel sorry for the father of the killer, I feel sorry for those whose lives were cut short in downtown Tel Aviv. I feel sorry for their families. It is so subtle to lean affectionately towards the deceptive web weaved of how innocent and unstable the terrorist was, yet it was just that a crafty web weaved. He was calculating, mean, a murderous heart and we need to call it what it is. In English we say call a spade a spade. Yet, this is almost an entire town in proper Israel (not the West bank or the territories) hiding a murderer for a week? They even saw him in the streets walking freely it was reported after his capture. So…in conclusion L’an higanu is the Hebrew saying, or rather where on the earth have we come to?

Maranatha, Maranatha, nothing will cleanse this town with sin in the hearts except the blood of Jesus, nothing. I thought again upon his capture and downfall. This time thinking to myself as the Lord overwhelmed me as I prayed, Oh Lord, no wonder the earth will be purified with fire one day, no wonder. We are so sinful, our cites are full of sin, our masses are binding against what is good and pure and holy and right. Come Lord, purify us Lord, come. Come.

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Miriam Abramov is Israeli and resides in Israel. She has published and written 2 books, "Shalom At Last" (co-authored with her husband Shlomy) and also her biography titled "Married to Israel". She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Israel College of the Bible and pursued an M.A. degree in Jewish Missions. She sponsors tours in Hebrew for Israelis to teach about the Bible. She co-leads a fellowship with her husband and teaches on Israel’s feasts internationally. She is recognized with International Journalism status and enjoys writing free-lance about Israel from an informed citizen’s perspective on a variety of subjects connected to the Holy Land.