Come With Me Into His Presence: Seer

Editor’s note: This article is a section from Andrey’s book Come With Me Into His Presence.

For who among them has stood
in the council of the Lord to see
and to hear his word, or who has paid
attention to his word and listened?

– Jeremiah 23:18 (ESV)

God dwells in eternity, but we can see him through the eyes of faith. The Lord gives us His Word and we should read it in His presence. The Bible is not just a book, its God’s Book. The stories and events that are described in the Word of God have their beginnings in eternity, a place where God dwells.

The people, who have the ability to see God and to stand in His counsel, are referred to in Scripture as ‘seers’. The prophets Samuel and Gad, who served the Lord at the time of David the King, were seers (1 Chronicles 29:29).

The Hebrew word for seer is “Ro’eh” and it comes from the word “Ra’ah” meaning to see. The seers were people who had the ability to see, observe and perceive what God was about to do. They spent their time in the Throne Room of God, where He speaks and gives His commandments. Seers saw God’s decrees, understood them, and then brought God’s Word to His people.

At the time of the prophet Jeremiah, there were also other prophets. Through Jeremiah, the Lord speaks of the characteristics of His prophets who stand in His counsel. The false prophets brought their own message, but God’s prophets brought His true message. The false prophets spoke the word the people wanted to hear, but God’s prophets brought words that challenged people to change their way of living. True prophets encouraged God’s people to draw close to God and live for Him.

The Lord wants to reveal His Word for you, your family, your community, even for your city and the nation. Are you willing to receive His words by standing in His counsel?