Coming into Alignment with the LORD

He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked. – 1 John 2:6

Over the last week the LORD had been impressing upon me the word Alignment. I have shared my thoughts about the subject on a few Zoom meetings that I have been on and now I want to make it the subject of this week’s comment.

Two or three weeks ago I wrote about the need for every Believer to be connected to, and led by the Ruach ha Kodesh (the Holy Spirit), now more so than ever before as we battle to survive the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, and as we prepare for far more challenging days ahead as the World we live in, is drawn further into the ‘End Times’ events that we read about in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and the Book of Revelation. With the chaos being caused by extreme weather, the virus, and now the violence and destruction caused by the wave of demonstrations against police brutality, following the killing of George Floyd, it seems we have moved into the period that the Bible calls ‘the beginning of sorrows.’ In Matthew 24:4 the scripture warns us that ‘even the very elect will be deceived. We need to be on guard against the lies and deceptions in the world, and also in some ‘Christian’ theology.

There is only one guaranteed method of protection from the increasing deception is to be in total alignment with the LORD. I also sensed the Ruach ha Kodesh showing me that the Body of Messiah in the nations to be in full alignment with the Body of Messiah in Israel, but that will only happen once we all come into total alignment with the LORD. So how can we begin to move into that position of alignment? I believe that the only way we can come into total alignment with YHVH is to know His Word (the full Bible) and to be full of the Holy Spirit.

I do not usually like to use the word balance, as people often say to others who are ‘on fire’ for GOD, “brother or sister, you need to be more balanced.” What they are really trying to do is throw a bucket of cold water on your zeal. But there are a few instances where balance is important. One of these is having a good balance of the Word and the Spirit. The Word without the Spirit leads to legalism and the Spirit with out the Word can lead to deception, as the true Spirit of GOD will never disagree with the Word, but we need to know the Word to confirm that we are really hearing from the Holy Spirit. Mohammad (Islam) and Joseph Smith (the Mormons) both believed they were hearing the voice of GOD, but it was a lying  demon speaking to them, and as a result more than 25% of the World’s population are trapped in false religions.

The solution is simple …..

1. Read the Bible – all of the Bible, especially the Hebrew scriptures. Of couse we need to read the New Testament to learn about Yeshua’s life and ministry in the 4 Gospels. And we need to read the Epistles to learn how to live as a member of the New Covenant from the Apostle Paul. However everything that Yeshua and Paul impart to us is rooted in the Torah and the books of the Hebrew prophets. We can not really know the ways of GOD and our Kingdom rights unless we read those parts of the Bible. GOD reveals His nature and character through His dealings with Israel.

Yeshua clearly and strongly stated in Matthew 5:17 that He did not come to take away the Torah or the prophets, but many misguided Bible teachers have convinced their students that He did.

2. Be led by the Holy Spirit – Derek Prince taught that where the scriptures say be filled with the Holy Spirit, the original Greek grammar indicates an ongoing action. We need to be continually asking and being filled afresh with the Ruach ha Kodesh. Our spirit man is porous – it leaks out, so we need to keep asking the Father to fill us with His Holy Spirit.

3. Be in fellowship – we need to fellowship, pray and discuss the scriptures with other Bible based Believers. That will ensure that we do not get deceived like Mohammed and Joseph Smith, and lead others into the same deception.

If we follow those 3 principles, we will be good Biblically living, effective members of the Body of Messiah, bring others into the faith, healing the sick and setting the captives free. The fruit of our lives will advance the 2nd coming of Messiah, and on the day that we enter into Eternity, we will hear the Lord say to us Well done good and faithful servant.

Father, Yeshua and Ruach ha Kodesh…  I pray that you will bring each and every one of us into PERFECT ALIGNMENT with You. We want to be just like Yeshua and we want to do the things that Yeshua did – even greater things. So Father fill us afresh with your Ruach today and give us a new and increased hunger for your Word. As we read the words that You have written to us, wash us and cleanse us and cause us to become the people You created us to be… In the name of Yeshua we ask and pray –  Amen.