Coming to Yeshua: A Review of the Album “Bou Elav”

It can be said that God is sparking a revival amidst young Israelis. This is resulting in an increase of young worship leaders and inspired praise to our Lord Yeshua. Eli and Rachel Haitov are part of this excitement. This brother-sister duo released their first album called Bou Elav (Come to Him), which was produced under a new Israeli Messianic record label Ashira. This album features seven new original Hebrew songs that were all composed to show how we can come freely and openly to Our Loving Father in Heaven. Eli, 19, who is currently serving in the Israel Defense Force, says, “It is my first album. I really enjoyed working with Eli Ben Moshe who helped me produce this album.” He continues, “Jesus is everything we need. This album calls everyone to join to Him.”

The album combines high-energy praise with much deep and intimate worship featured. The skillful piano playing by Eli elevates the soundscape, while Rachel’s vocals add a soothing dimension. A major influence for the project was singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin. Haitov says, “Producing an album was a far dream which seemed unrealistic. But I think Chris Tomlin inspired me to take my songs and even write more and produce an album after I heard his new album, Love Ran Red. I said I wanted to write and produce an album as well and inspire believers just like he inspired me through his songs.”

The songs are very diverse. The album begins with “I Will Seek Your Face” and “Bring an Offering”, two tracks that bring the listener into a joyful place of praise. Then, “Glorified” takes a turn along a country road, still maintaining the same joy. The tempos for the rest of the album are slower, but the momentum continues. The beautiful “I Shall Not Want”, based on Psalm 23 and John 10:11, leads into “One Thing I Ask”, featuring a special rap by Dani Borok. The two closing tracks, “A Clean Heart” and “Come to Him” complete the album strongly, leaving the listener in the same deep place of worship as the beginning.

The vision of this captivating worship album is to inspire young worship leaders. “I want to encourage young people who write songs. Don’t be afraid to share them,” Eli says. “We are in need of Hebrew worship songs.” May God use this album richly to inspire a new generation of Israeli worship leaders and writers!”

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