Biblical Teachings

Eric Tokajer Nov 30, 2019

Old jars new wine

Eric writes, "In the past when I viewed these verses, I focused on the miracle of the water being turned into wine, which I have to say was a pretty ...

Benjamin Berger Nov 27, 2019

Thoughts on the unity of Messiah’s body in the Land of Israel and the universal body of Christ

It is estimated that there exists today approximately 30,000 different denominations in the body of Christ universally. Yeshua said, when speaking about Satan, that a house divided cannot stand and ...

Arnold Fruchtenbaum Nov 27, 2019

The Millennial Temple: Literal or Allegorical? (Part 1 of 4)

The concluding chapters of the book of Ezekiel are among the most controversial in all of Scripture. They detail a great temple and a sacrificial system that shows enough differences ...

Howard Bass Nov 26, 2019

The Judgment Seat of Messiah

Howard writes, "When those who choose not to love and honor Him for who He is stand before the Judgment Seat, they will not be able to save themselves from ...

Ron Cantor Nov 24, 2019

Jewish/Gentile relations in the New Covenant Part 1

Ron writes, "There is so much confusion when it comes to the Jew/Gentile question. Who does God love more? We all know the answer—God loves all his children equally. However, ...

Eric Tokajer Nov 23, 2019

Ministering through your pain

Eric writes, "One of the things I love most about the Bible is that for every verse, or series of verses, there is always more than one thing we can ...

FIRM Staff Nov 22, 2019

What does Israel have to do with me? Part 2

"The third foundational truth you can use as a guide for what on earth Israel has to do with you is this – greater riches!"

Moran Rosenblit Nov 22, 2019

God of the Impossible

PARASHAT VAYEIRA (AND HE APPEARED) BERESHEET (GENESIS) 23:1–25:8 In my previous blog on this specific parasha, Parashat Chayei Sarah (The Life of Sarah), I wrote, “This week’s reading from the Parasha ...

Eric Tokajer Nov 16, 2019

Always beloved and always well pleased

Eric writes, "The message of the cross is not that G-D had to forsake Yeshua so that He could save us. No! The message of the cross is that a ...

Arnold Fruchtenbaum Nov 12, 2019

The Suffering of the Servant in Isaiah 52:13-53:12

The most crucial passage in the whole book of Isaiah is 52:13-53:12. This long section of Isaiah is so clear in its description of the suffering Messiah that it has ...