Community Announcements

Revive Israel Staff Nov 1, 2019

Prayers from Zion for orphans and vulnerable children

Prayers from Zion is a collaboration amongst ministries to engage people of faith worldwide to pray for orphans and vulnerable children as part of the weekend observance for Orphan Shabbat/Orphan ...

Simcha Natan Oct 26, 2019

It’s finally here! The full ‘Dare to Ask’ adventure is OUT!

After a 15 year season of being hidden and passed over, the songs written and stories of the lessons learned during this season are finally ALL available!

Sarah Liberman Oct 22, 2019

God of Miracles – new album pre-order

I'm excited to present to you the new worship music project I'm working on: God of Miracles. You can partner with me to complete the project by supporting it and ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Oct 7, 2019

Over 5,000 Christians Coming to Jerusalem for ICEJ’s 40th Feast of Tabernacles

Over the coming week, more than 5,000 Christians from nearly 100 nations will be arriving in Jerusalem to take part in the 40th annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration, sponsored by ...

Eddie Santoro Jun 15, 2018

My book – Lifted Up – available on Amazon

Eddie writes, "Here is the introduction that appears when you go to Amazon to order it. We hope you will read the book and pass it on to whomever you ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Apr 8, 2018

Marty and Misha Goetz – LIVE recorded concert in Jerusalem FREE

Join Marty Goetz & his daughter, Misha, for a once-in-a-lifetime LIVE recorded concert in Jerusalem. This evening will include music from both Marty and Misha, accompanied by a twenty-five piece ...

David S. Apr 4, 2018

Discipleship Mentoring Project

"The Olive Tree Ranch, under the supervision of Tents of Mercy, has been conducting discipleship mentoring projects for the last seven years. This initiative is geared especially to serve IDF ...

Amir Tsarfati Jan 26, 2018

Behold Israel Chinese Youtube Channel

We are excited to introduce our Chinese Youtube channel! We have started translating Amir’s dates and teachings into Chinese, as well as Spanish and Japanese over the past few months. As our ...

Caspari Staff Jan 24, 2018

Discovering Jesus in His Jewish Context

Are you a theologian? A pastor? Are you involved in missions or ministry or perhaps just interested in learning about what it was like to live in Jesus’ time? Culturally, ...

Aliyah Return Center Oct 25, 2017

VIDEO: Discipleship Journey Israel – Study in the Land Dec. 8, 2017 – Jan. 31, 2018

Spend quality time in Israel! Learn from dynamic teachers about the roots of the Christian faith, the prophetic importance of the return and restoration of the people and land of ...