Family & Children

Aaron Hecht Aug 25, 2019

Some thoughts on honoring our parents

Aaron writes. "Remember to be grateful to your parents even when they fail, because they ARE doing their best, and it breaks their heart that they can’t do more."

Aaron Hecht Jun 21, 2019

Some thoughts on fatherhood

Aaron writes, "Fatherhood, and by extension family, is one of the most important institutions that God gave the Human Race."

Aaron Hecht Apr 15, 2019

Pray for single parents

Aaron writes, "This last week my wife joined her father for a trip to Russia to see some relatives, leaving me to look after our two sons by myself. I ...

Aaron Hecht Mar 18, 2019

Pray for the children of Israel

Aaron writes, "Purim is upon us and with it comes a lot of mixed emotions for me personally."

Simcha Natan Aug 2, 2018

Raising kids that dare

Simcha writes, "I never thought I'd write about being a parent or having kids, but recently I've been really excited to have gained a clearer understanding of my kids and ...

Wendy Halloun Jul 26, 2018

7 ways to pray with children

Wendy writes, "God created families. He intended the home to be a safe place for children to grow and mature, knowing that children learn the most from the people that ...

Cookie Schwaeber-Issan Jun 16, 2018

A Father’s Role – Chapter One

Cookie writes, "It’s, therefore, no wonder that children are being raised without the needed instruction or moral clarity of their fathers. The effects of this lopsided and non-existent parenting is ...

Aaron Hecht May 8, 2018

Raising children in the fear of the Lord

Aaron writes, "If you’re like me, you never gave much thought to children until your first child was born, then all of a sudden issues related to children went from ...

Thomas Cherny-Roitman Feb 26, 2018

11 year-old Israeli says “Purim costumes – Not for me!”

Thomas writes, "A few days later, Elohim made me understand why my mum didn't let me dress up, so now - I don't even want to dress up. So I ...

Adam Lee Rosenfeld Dec 21, 2017

Planning kids? How irresponsible of you

Adam writes, "So why did we bring eight children into the world? Because the value of bringing a human life into the world to me was greater than any cost ...