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Kehila News Israel Staff Dec 4, 2019

Lebanese businessman buys auctioned Hitler items, donates them to Israel

A Lebanese-born businessman bought several items that belonged to Adolf Hitler and other Nazi paraphernalia in order to keep them out of the hands of neo-Nazis. Abdallah Chatila, who lives ...

Moran Rosenblit Nov 28, 2019

A Shimmer of Light

The political divide in Israel is pretty intense right now and nobody seems to be presenting any solutions that are satisfactory across the political spectrum. As Israel continues to drudge ...

ICEJ Staff Nov 28, 2019

VIDEO: Life on the Golan – The Border

Part One of the Golan Heights Video Series

Joel C. Rosenberg Nov 20, 2019

Very good news: Palestinian Authority officially recognizes Palestinian Evangelical Council of Churches after 12 year effort. Here’s the latest.

Joel writes, "I have some very encouraging news to share with you. God is showing His favor on Palestinian Evangelicals this month, and I wanted you to be aware of ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Nov 18, 2019

US State Department Reverses official view on Israeli Settlements

A major shift has occurred in American policy towards settlement activity in Israel.  On Monday morning, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the US  is returning to the Reagan-era ...

Devorah Gittel Nov 18, 2019

From Questions to Prayer: The Political Stalemate in Israel

Devorah writes, "As I was praying one morning, the LORD asked me a question, 'Do you really understand the issue that is at stake between Netanyahu and Gantz? You have ...

ICEJ Staff Nov 14, 2019

Fragile Ceasefire Brings Calm to Israel’s South

Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror militia appeared to have reached a cease-fire agreement early Thursday morning, although there was a barrage of five rockets a few hours after ...

Michael Beener Nov 13, 2019

Pray for the protection of Israel

We want to ask you to stay with us in prayers in these hours for God’s protection of the cities and settlements of Israel, which at this time are under ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Nov 13, 2019

What started the latest rocket attacks from Gaza? Who was Islamic Jihad’s Baha Abu al-Ata?

Israel assassinated a senior commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization on Tuesday in a targeted airstrike by the Israeli air force, triggering a response of more than 200 ...

Joel C. Rosenberg Nov 7, 2019

Why should Israel appoint an Ambassador to the Christians?

(Jerusalem, Israel) — On Monday, I was honored to address more than 150 Christian journalists, broadcasters, authors and media executives from more than 30 countries who have come to Jerusalem ...