Life & Society

Karen Royel Dec 6, 2019

The Beautiful Land Initiative: Leading by Example

The winter of 2018/2019 brought the largest rainfall Israel had seen in five years. Waterfalls in the Golan began to flow again, Mt Hermon was covered in snow, and the ...

Doug Hershey Nov 29, 2019

In Giving We Receive

We like to place our values on commitment, hard work, stewardship, and providing for our families. These are all noble ideas. Yet when it comes to giving or generosity, we ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Nov 29, 2019

Helping the Poor and Needy

Helping the poor is a basic part of almost all religions. Churches and Christian ministries throughout the world are involved with feeding the hungry, disaster relief, soup kitchens, etc. In ...

Carolyn Hyde Nov 5, 2019

A reconciliation long overdue

Carolyn writes, "This morning I awoke from a dream and wrote this letter to a person who was a dear friend with whom I had a falling out. Thank G-d ...

Ishai Royel Sep 9, 2019

It is both easy and difficult to be a Messianic Jew in Israel

Ishai writes, "When relatives and friends visit me in Israel, they tend to be surprised and confused about the contradictory realities that Messianic Jews and Christians face here."

Carolyn Hyde Aug 28, 2019

A letter of repentance

Carolyn writes, "I’m so grateful for their help in bringing me to this place of repentance and I pray that many more followers of Yeshua will also discover and embrace ...

Eitan Shishkoff Aug 20, 2019

Grief: What to do with it?

Eitan writes, "It feels like the inevitability of death is increasingly thrust before us. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” This is certainly ...

Guest Contributor Aug 6, 2019

Words of comfort to the body after recent tragedies

"Recent events have challenged so many of us to almost have to re-evaluate what we believe and think about God and how He works."

Aaron Hecht Jul 2, 2019

Lessons from a (just barely) college graduate

Aaron writes, "If someone is still in “Christian Living 102” after decades of attending Church, it’s time to start devoting more time to making progress in our spiritual lives and ...

Diana Levine Jun 9, 2019

An authentic Ruth

Diana writes, "I was a new believer in Messiah, and was so incredibly excited about the trip to Israel. It was my first trip, and we packed bags of humanitarian ...