Karen Royel Dec 6, 2019

The Beautiful Land Initiative: Leading by Example

The winter of 2018/2019 brought the largest rainfall Israel had seen in five years. Waterfalls in the Golan began to flow again, Mt Hermon was covered in snow, and the ...

Cliff Keller Nov 4, 2018

Rose of the Galilee

Cliff writes, "Marcia discovered Yehuda’s life’s work in routine fashion while browsing, attracted by its enticing photos and numerous plus reviews."

Dugit Staff Jun 25, 2018

VIDEO: Living Stones Tour 2018 Jerusalem Promo

Click here for more information about the Living Stones Tour in November 2018.

Joshua Pex Apr 10, 2018

Israeli law allows refusal of entry to Israel due to missionary activity

Joshua writes, "It is important to be informed on this subject, particularly as it relates to alleged missionaries, an accusation which is almost always directed at Messianic Jews or Christians."

Amir Tsarfati Apr 3, 2018

Israel Bible Experience Tour – Feb. 2019

Come and experience the Bible, our amazing past, inspiring present and our exciting future! Israel is about who you are and where you want to be.

Joshua Aaron Apr 1, 2018

Worship in Israel Tour with Joshua Aaron Oct 2018

Join Joshua Aaron for his 10th Annual “Worship in Israel” tour and live recording October 21-31, 2018. Visit to sign up today. Celebrate 70 years since Israel’s modern day ...

Philos Project Sep 25, 2017

18 reasons to visit Israel in ’18

Amy writes, "Planning next year’s vacation? Are you considering a theme park? An all-inclusive resort? The Alps? Maybe a Caribbean beach? My fellow Christians, I urge you to set aside ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Jul 31, 2017

March of the Nations – Israel Tour May 6-16, 2018

Join Ted Pearce and friends in concert celebrating this once in a lifetime special celebration—Israel’s 70th birthday, and participate in all the events for March of all Nations.

Jon Simmons Jul 23, 2017

Taking Young Christian Leaders on their first tour of Israel

Jon writes, "I sincerely hope our tour encourages Christians around the UK to engage in a deeper understanding on their faith. Israel has so much more to offer than a ...

FIRM Staff Jul 3, 2017

The Bible in full color

"Coming here, to Israel, the Land, you’ll experience something you maybe didn’t even know you were missing. You’ll experience the words on the page alive in person."