The Arab Christian Community

Joel C. Rosenberg Nov 20, 2019

Very good news: Palestinian Authority officially recognizes Palestinian Evangelical Council of Churches after 12 year effort. Here’s the latest.

Joel writes, "I have some very encouraging news to share with you. God is showing His favor on Palestinian Evangelicals this month, and I wanted you to be aware of ...

Estera Wieja Oct 21, 2019

Women of Israel rise like Deborah – House of Prayer in Nazareth

Right next to these symbols of Nazareth’s noble past stands a people who look to the city’s future. The House of Prayer and Exploits (HOPE) in Nazareth is as unique ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Dec 20, 2018

Nazareth church reaching out to community during Christmas season

As Christmas approaches Jesus is the King Church in Nazareth is boldly reminding the city that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”

Kehila News Israel Staff Oct 30, 2018

After son’s murder, Arab pastor forgives killers and testifies of God’s love

The murder of a Christian Arab young man provided a painful platform for the man’s father to publicly display the power of Yeshua’s love and forgiveness.

One For Israel Staff May 13, 2018

God is working powerfully among Israel’s Muslim neighbors

One of our Arab staff members, Carlos Damianos, began making videos in Arabic to declare the gospel to Israeli Arabs, both those from a nominally Christian background, and also Muslims, ...

The Joshua Fund Staff May 11, 2018

Arabs and Palestinians coming to Jesus. Will you pray with us?

After an introduction by Joel C. Rosenberg, Nihad Salman, pastor of the Emanuel Church in Bethlehem, shares from his perspective on how on how the Gospel is advancing and is ...

Karen Faulkner Dec 18, 2017

Contrary to reports, Nazareth Christmas festivities continue

Christmas Festivities are set to continue in Nazareth, despite media reports that the city’s Arab Muslim mayor had canceled all celebrations in protest at U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of ...

Eitan Bar Dec 17, 2017

The Mayor of Nazareth just canceled Christmas in the city

In true grinch fashion, a few hours ago, the Mayor of Nazareth officially canceled the annual public Christmas festivities and street celebrations in the city of Nazareth.

Kehila News Israel Staff Dec 15, 2017

Organization encourages Israeli Christians to enlist in IDF

A new nonprofit organization founded thanks to the initiative of a Christian believer is hoping to encourage more indigenous Israeli Christians to enlist in the Israeli army or the national service. ...

Paul Calvert Dec 7, 2017

LISTEN: Interview about Christmas in the Holy Land

Elias Kasabre speaks about what Christmas is like in the Holy Land.