The International Community

ICEJ Staff Nov 7, 2019

Netanyahu Addresses Christian Media Summit

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the Third Annual Christian Media Summit Sunday evening, devoting part of his address to praising the longstanding support for Israel by its Evangelical Christian ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Oct 27, 2019

South African actor, Andile Gumbi, lead in Daniel the Musical passes away in Jerusalem

The South African actor who played the lead role of King Nebu in Daniel the Musical that premiered in Jerusalem has died.

Kehila News Israel Staff Oct 23, 2019

Daniel the Musical completes world premiere at Jerusalem Theatre

Daniel The Musical completed the final performance of its world premiere to a near full house at the iconic Jerusalem Theatre. The Broadway-style musical opened on October 10, 2019 and ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Oct 17, 2019

Daniel the Musical rescheduled after tragedy mars Christian-produced musical in Jerusalem

Performances of Daniel the Musical, a South African production which just premiered in Jerusalem last week, were postponed after the lead actor was rushed to the hospital where he remains ...

Karen Royel Oct 6, 2019

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

Started in 2002 by Eagles' Wings ministry, the first Sunday of every October has become "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" day.

Karen Royel Oct 3, 2019

Awake Jerusalem 2019

Join Misty Edwards, Eddie James, Noel Robinson and others for the Awake Jerusalem Conference 2019. The Conference will take place Oct. 3-6 and consist 72 hours of worship at the ...

Gilbert Carthigasu Sep 1, 2019

Oneness: Asia Messianic Forum 2019

The AMF was formed primarily for the purpose of bringing together churches and organizations in Asia with a heart for Israel to see God’s redemptive plan fulfilled.

Karen Royel Aug 27, 2019

Korean leader Abraham Keum is taking the verse “walk by faith” to action in Israel

The ministry has organized an event called “WalkPray” which will span the length of Israel. Starting on Oct. 15, participants from around the world will set out from Eilat – ...

Julie Samuel Aug 21, 2019

Second All Israel Conference held in Singapore: Building spiritual bridges

The second All Israel Conference was recently held on August 2-3, 2019 in Singapore to build bridges and connect Messianic leaders from Israel with the local Body of Christ in ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Jul 28, 2019

The Art of Faith

At first glance, Patrick Lee’s Mercy – Love of God looks just like any other resin pour art piece. Take a closer look though, and you will see a top-down ...