Ministry Newsletters

Yevgeni Stanukevich Sep 27, 2019

Renewal and discipleship – Eagle Project Update

In June 2019, a group of 17 young people from 6 different Israeli congregations, having completed their military service, joined in one body for a month of great experiences.

Jackie Santoro Sep 10, 2019

Updates from the fall season

Jackie writes, "Please keep all these situations in prayer. We shall reap a reward if we do not grow weary!"

David S. Mar 26, 2019

Training the next generation to take the land

David writes, "One thing we know: Yeshua will still be with them and will still want them to be His disciples and friends. With Him, they can take the Land."

One For Israel Staff Jan 5, 2019

Amazing news from Israel to start the New Year

2019 kicked off with a lot of incredibly good news from Israel! A new dawn – even a new era – is breaking.

Caspari Staff Dec 13, 2018

Experience Israel – Back to the Roots

"The goals of the bible school are to provide the students with sound biblical teaching, first-hand experience of Israel and an understanding of Israel’s role in God’s plan."

Alec Goldberg Dec 10, 2018

“Tzabarim” for Yeshua

"Their stories are special because both the immediate family and the culture – the two factors wielding the greatest influence on our formation as human beings – were anything but ...

Caspari Staff Dec 6, 2018

A search for Jewish Roots (Part 1)

"Our goal is to increase understanding of the bible and the Gospel message in the way the writers intended. The entire bible, including the New Testament, is a very Jewish ...

Eddie Santoro Dec 5, 2018

Health update on Pastor Santoro

Eddie writes, "At my most recent doctor's appointment this past week, the oncologist said that this was the best MRI I have had in a year! There was no evidence ...

Orna Grinman Nov 20, 2018

Where were you that morning, Sarah?

Orna writes, "How can I express the depth and density of what God had taken us into that morning? We decided to extend our stay in Jordan for one more ...

Carolyn Hyde Nov 10, 2018

Aliyah and Worship Conference in Malta

Carolyn writes, "Then I felt the L-rd say so it will be with the Great Aliyah from the West. Some will hear "it's too late" and give up. Others will ...