Devorah Gittel Nov 18, 2019

From Questions to Prayer: The Political Stalemate in Israel

Devorah writes, "As I was praying one morning, the LORD asked me a question, 'Do you really understand the issue that is at stake between Netanyahu and Gantz? You have ...

Michael Beener Nov 13, 2019

Pray for the protection of Israel

We want to ask you to stay with us in prayers in these hours for God’s protection of the cities and settlements of Israel, which at this time are under ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Jun 17, 2019

Prayer alert: Head of IFI in serious condition after leg amputation

A call has gone out to pray for Eliyahu Ben-Haim who is in critical condition at a hospital in Scotland after having his leg amputated in emergency surgery due to ...

Howard Bass May 4, 2019

[Prayer Alert] Rocket barrages and Israeli air attacks

As I write (about 6:15pm), once again there are rocket barrages and Israeli air attacks taking place along the Gaza border area, as well as cities beyond, such as Ashkelon, ...

Wendy Halloun Feb 27, 2019

Pray for our leaders and the April elections in Israel

Wendy writes, "Our nation has elections coming up on April 9, 2019. Whatever your political allegiance might be, God’s word instructs us to pray for those in authority."

Reuven Doron Aug 10, 2018

Gaza Border Prayer Alert

Reuven writes, "Join us in prayer for God’s hand to perform His perfect will; to nullify the evil counsel of vile and violent men; to minimize suffering on both sides ...

Mayim Chayim Jun 19, 2018

PRAYER ALERT: Kite terrorism from Gaza causing fires in Israel

Kite terrorism refers to Gaza’s “peaceful” Arab rioters using kites and helium balloons to carry incendiaries and gasoline bombs into Israel. Since April, Palestinian kite terrorists have set more than ...

Cliff Keller Apr 27, 2018

PRAYER ALERT: Flash flood tragically claims 10 young victims near Dead Sea

Israel suffered the loss of ten young students after they were caught in a severe flash flood in Nahal Tzafit, a narrow riverbed in the southern Dead Sea region, on ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Apr 24, 2018

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: April 24, 2018

Prayer for Israel News In the six weeks between Passover and the Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks this year, some major events unfold in Israel. Last week the official observance ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Apr 19, 2018

KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: April 19, 2018

Prayer for Israel News Each year as the anniversary of the re-establishment of the State of Israel is drawing near it is the annual time that many statistics and polls ...