Concerns of impending war

Israeli jet that crashed in norther Israel Saturday morning, February 10, 2018 (Photo: screenshot)

We are writing you this update today to request prayer for this nation. As the Word of God declares our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces in high places. Praise God the power and authority that God has given to us is far beyond the forces of our enemies.

The first and most important prayer need at this time concerns the tension filled situation confronting Israel with Iran and Syria. To condense a very long and complex history, it is enough to say that Iran, the dominant power in the Islamic Middle East, has been helping Syria with arms and troops in its protracted civil war to drive out the radical ISIS rebels that have been trying to take control. Having succeeded in this, Iran has now instructed Syria to establish military bases close to the northern border of Israel. The purpose of these bases is to launch an attack on Israel in the near future. Obviously Israel sees this as provocation and will not accept this new and dangerous situation.

Several days ago, a large Iranian drone supplied by Russia, flew over the border into Israel. These drones are large unmanned aircraft, used mainly for intelligence gathering but they are also capable of carrying large weapons. Israel had been tracking the drone and shot it down moments after it entered Israeli air space. Israel considered this an act of aggression and in response, the Israeli Air Force carried out very large and effective attacks destroying or damaging 12 military installations that were near the border.

As they were attacking their targets, the Israeli planes were met with massive anti aircraft fire. As the planes were returning, one Israeli F-16 was hit. The plane crashed in Israeli territory and both pilots ejected and lived. Reports said that it was a miracle that the plane went down on a piece of open land, not causing any damage. This incident was a great shock as it was the first time since 1982 that an Israeli plane had been downed by Islamic forces.

In response to this, Israel retaliated with another round of strikes targeting Syrian air defense systems. For the second time that day the Israeli planes came under intense anti aircraft fire but this time all returned safely.

Israel does not want a war on its Northern front, but the situation is very volatile with complex dynamics operating. Syria and Iran see the F-16 destruction as an incredible victory and are emboldened by their new ability to confront Israeli defenses.

Please pray for God’s protection on Israel. Pray for wisdom and Godly strategy for the Israeli government against the evil Islamic forces of Iran and its servant Syria.

Acts of War


Other Prayer Needs
On the political front, Prime Minister Netanyahu is facing an indictment on corruption charges. Without going into the details, he is maintaining his innocence but has been under investigation for some time and he is clearly under significant pressure over this. Please pray that justice and truth will reign. Pray that the Prime Minister will turn to the God of Israel for direction and guidance. Pray that in spite of all this, he will be able to continue to lead the nation well and make right decisions in this time of extreme volatility.

We are grateful that the nation has had significant rainfall over the past month, from the far north, over the Sea of Galilee, all the way to the southern part of the Land. There have been several very rainy days and the forecast is for a very rainy weekend. Please keep praying for more. The Sea of Galilee is at a record low and we need much more rain in order to have it reach normal levels.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, February 14, 2018, and reposted with permission.