Conflict: At the intersection of Israel-support and terrorism (Part 1)

Masked gunmen from the Qassam brigade, the military wing of Hamas (Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

I have followed and studied Islamist fundamentalist terrorism since the 1980’s because I support Israel and Islamist terrorism is the number one enemy Israel has faced. I watched how Yassar Arafat played at political jihad, acting as if his stripes had changed from being a PLO terrorist to being an international diplomat and political leader of the Palestinian people.

His was always a carrot and stick approach: the carrot was not real but merely a political front. Why? To give the nations a reason to tell Israel they had to give more and more concessions because Arafat was the only “peace partner” they had. The stick, of course, was Arafat giving “the green light” to release the jackals of his terrorist troops against Israel whenever he decided Israelis needed to be terrified to soften up the Israeli leadership into giving into him.

Then in the early 1990’s I was also watching when several organizations popped up on the scene that translated what the Palestinians were saying to their people versus what they were telling the Western world. Really dramatic documentary evidence of how they just told the West what everyone wanted to hear from them, but to their own people it was just the opposite: continual incitement to hatred and bloody murder against Jews.

Political Islam is the art of war using deception; that’s not me saying it, that was FBI caught them saying in wiretaps that were entered into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trials. Political Islam is just about getting as many concessions as possible while hoodwinking everyone that the end goal is not really total fundamentalist Islamic domination. It is about convincing everyone that Islamists are the “victims,” the underdogs, and not the aggressors that they in fact are. Political Islam is the literal wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Now what used to only plague Israel has spilled out across the Western world. It had to come to that according to the principle of sowing and reaping. International leaders were willing to play dumb about the true jihad intentions of ‘political Islam’ against Israel. The leaders knew better but shared the pretense that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was just a spat between two rivals instead of what it was: a jihad terrorist commitment to wipe Israel off the map.

Even when terrorism began taking place in Europe, against non-Jewish targets, international leaders were so married to their idea of closing a blind eye to terrorism against Israel in order to protect themselves, they continued to say terrorism against Israel was “different” than terrorism against their people and nations! Slow learners or just completely deceived? 

Just in the past week it has come out that French Secret Service agreed after Paris massacre in which six people were murdered and 22 injured at a kosher restaurant in 1982, not to target the Palestinian terrorists in exchange for a halt from carrying out further attacks on French soil.  It would not surprise me if other nations cut the same deal, because the Western nations have never done the right thing by Israel. They instead have allowed lies about Israel to be foisted on the world. The hope of protecting themselves is now beginning to evaporate into thin air, but it has not caused them to repent of their false dealing with Israel.

Of course weakness does not work with bloodthirsty Islamists, so here we are in 2019 with most of the European nations overwhelmed with the Islamist takeover in their nations. The USA also sees (not quite yet fully sees) how we are up to our necks in the takeover too. For brazen Islamists like Tlaib and Omar to be sitting in American Congress driving their anti-Israel, anti-Jew propaganda across the United States is a sign of just how far gone we actually are.

Let’s not forget Linda Sarsour, face of American Feminism, of all things! That has got to be the ultimate deception. What is more oppressive of women than fundamentalist Islam?  But that is how Islamists have created “intersectionality” with godless Leftist political activist groups. Not that American Jews or many Israeli Jews can see it, but President Trump has been a containment factor sent from Heaven over all these enemies of God and His people. 

If America does not wake up to the predicament we are sitting in, then our future is going to look more and more like what has engulfed the UK and Europe. No-Go Zones that were vehemently denied by nations and news media only a few years ago are now acknowledged, at least by the nations who are desperate to turn the hostile takeover around. The USA has our own regional (almost) No-Go Zones. These are the districts that elected Tlaib & Omar. Areas where the police will arrest Christian street evangelists because Islam does not allow freedom of speech in their districts. In some New York City boroughs there are already city-funded ‘Sharia patrols’. 

Some might accuse me of being an “Islamophobe,” but I’m not; and this is not about your good Muslim friend. There are MANY good Muslims out there, they came to America to live free of the oppression of Islamists in their homelands. But the fundamentalist Muslims also dominate the good Muslims in the same way they dominate everyone else, through deception, lies, coercion and threat.

The news media do not give much platform to the spokespeople of good Islam, but rather they give it to the political jihadists like CAIR and anti-American, anti-Jew and anti-Israel congress people like Tlaib and Omar. Meanwhile, from the American campuses into our political mainstream, radical Islamist representatives like Rashida Tlaib have learned the lessons of forming alliances with other protest activist groups in the United States and the tactics these groups use have become interchangeable — just like how they share each other’s enemies. Islamists hate Jews, so Black Lives Matter back them up, Feminists back them up, Antifa backs them up. 

It’s been the Islamist strategy for gaining support in the American public. For example, this was discussed in the strategy sessions of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood affiliates who met in 1993 to lay out a road map to overthrow the Oslo Peace agreement with Israel. These strategy sessions covered a lot of ground on the future operations of Islamists in North America including how to misrepresent Hamas to the American people (“War is deception”), and generally how to win Americans to their side of the conflict with Israel. How to present a deceptive case to the Americans. In that meeting the leaders actually discussed campus alignment with grievance-activist groups even mentioning the “no justice, no peace” slogan! This is documented in the trial evidence of the Holy Land Foundation 5.

We didn’t elect Tlaib and Omar but their districts did; Omar’s little Somalia and Tlaib’s Detroit district that includes Dearborn. There were many warnings going out over a decade ago about not allowing Muslim nations to import radical Islamist doctrine in the US by building the mega-mosques in areas that did not have the Muslim populations to support a massive mosque. The mosque is a hub, a magnet to draw certain sects of Islam to an area. How do you think No-Go-Zones are created? It is always around a hub-mosque teaching radical Islam.

This is why US officials were foolish to allow foreign interests to build mega mosques in areas with no Muslim population to support it, because these mosques are intended to create hub-cities where clusters of radical Islamists are drawn to live. This was the beginning stages of US “no go zones” and still today, most of America has no idea how we got here much less how do we get out of this tightening python stranglehold.

Why have I spent so much time on such an un-spiritual topic as terrorism? Because Islamist terrorism is a Book of Revelation-level “Beast” enemy. It is part of the end times war we are in, at least that is my firm belief, and we better be able to tell the difference between the facts and the deceptions that are being presented to the public. It is important to be aware how much deception is involved in terrorism tactics so we can fight the good fight of faith against it.