Believing author ‘connects the dots’ of her life

A living testimony of how God is truly a healer of the brokenhearted

“Dvora Elisheva is a beautiful soul!” one reader of Elisheva’s recently published book, Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life: Hope for a Fractured Soul, began her five-star review, one of many glowing reports at “Elisheva’s life,” the reviewer said, “is a living testimony of how God is truly a healer of the brokenhearted.”

Having recently read Connecting the Dots, “a true story of one woman’s journey to find answers, connection and hope,” I can add that it is extremely well-written, strikingly honest and bound to encourage and inspire anyone who, at times, has found life to be more than challenging.

While it rarely helps one to know that “there is always someone worse off,” heartfelt testimonies of faith that overcomes long odds are always uplifting. Elisheva faced extremely long odds.

“Being raised in a Christian home did not protect Dvora Elisheva from physical, spiritual or sexual abuse,” according to her author’s website. “Responding to the call of her heritage, Dvora moved to Israel, developed a successful career and had a fruitful ministry among Chinese students…but her internal world was fractured. She married at 52 and became a widow at 55. Would trusting in God really be enough to get her through?”

Dvora Elisheva at a book signing.
Dvora Elisheva at a book signing.

Connecting the Dots is comprised of five sections corresponding to the major themes in the author’s life.

Elisheva’s mother was mentally ill. Her father died before she turned 14. The first section of her book details her childhood in a dysfunctional Christian home, the abuse she suffered as a child and a traumatic molestation.

In the second section Elisheva discusses her decision to move to Israel and some of the amazing things that happened to her there, including her developing a Chinese ministry, explaining, “My decision to come to Israel and eventual involvement in a Chinese Church…has its roots in my childhood.”

Part three takes a closer look at her struggles as an adult with gaps in memory and dissociative behavior, at one time having found herself “drawn to the supernatural” and coping with sexual issues. But, “God used scripture to provide the foundation for me to walk through psychotherapy and find internal wholeness.”

The author met her husband over the Internet. In part four, she shares God’s working in her heart regarding the marriage, a little about married life after leaving Israel to live in the United States with her new husband and the impact of her husband’s death only three years after they married. “And the things I learned as I worked through the grief.”

The last section is about Elisheva’s current life after returning to Israel, “and the doors God opened for me, including a return to working with the Chinese Church…and serving at a government hospital as [the hospital’s] representative to the Christian world.”

In trading emails with the author I confessed to her that Connecting the Dots is not the sort of book I would normally read, much less enjoy, but her story is so compelling that I found myself carried along. It is a powerful testimony of reliance on faith and faith’s ability to heal even the most severe wounds.

I have one, small complaint which I mention only to encourage the reader, if he or she has the same problem. Elisheva chose to mirror much of the randomness and dissociative thinking of her early childhood in her story’s opening.

“When you read most books, they are so well ordered… A beginning, a middle, an end,” she explains to the reader. “Easy to digest chunks to give entertainment or provide information… How to grieve in five easy steps—not going to happen.”

As I began reading Connecting the Dots, while I didn’t find myself longing for an explanation of exactly where the story was headed, I struggled with what seemed like its random jumping from anecdote to anecdote wondering, even though they were all quite interesting, where is this story going?

If this happens to you as well, my advice is to continue reading. Dvora Elisheva is a skillful, insightful writer with a powerful tale of faith to tell. Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life: Hope for a Fractured Soul, is an honest, exceptional and inspirational read.

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