Consciousness, Intelligence and Wisdom

‘Behold the ant, you sluggard, consider its ways and be wise!’ - Proverbs 6:6

There is not a living thing that does not possess a modicum of consciousness. And intelligence seems to be manifest in that consciousness as the mother bird weaves her nest, the bee as they work together to construct their perfectly complex hive for the storage of their honey, and in the ant wisdom as they work in tandem to prepare and store food for the coming winter.

A good dog knows and protects and entertains and loves its owner. The whale and the porpoise with their large brains love to play with their friends, and care for their offspring with compassion, and show gratitude to those humans who come to rescue them from an entangling net. A horse will ride into the danger of gunfire in faithful obedience to its rider.

It is man alone, with his highly developed brain and, presumably, most highly developed consciousness, learning, and skills, who has used them to develop  armories of mass destruction with the potential of destroying his own entire species, along with the rest of conscious life. In his folly and pride, he has concluded that consciousness has arisen and evolved from mere rock and water, with hardly a serious thought as to the possibility of all being granted by a vastly higher Consciousness than his own.

And others who do have a sense of that higher Consciousness have concocted a host of rigid religious institutions, each of absolute certainty to the exclusion of all the others, which has led to divisions and acrimony among much of humanity on the Planet Earth.

But there is one unique Jewish Rabbi, who himself never began any new Religion, but who established a new and personal Relationship of forgiveness and love with the Creator Consciousness. His is a door opened to any and all of humanity who would humbly return to the very source of Consciousness and Wisdom.