Could it be?

Could it be that covid has passed and we’re mostly back to normal? And have we learned what we were supposed to know from this whole experience?

Last year I sensed Adonai saying that He was going to separate the sheep from the goats. I replied, “I know, You’ll do this among the nations.” But His reply was, “No, I am going to separate the sheep from the goats in My Body.” I didn’t understand this until recently when He showed me that it’s not about who took the experimental vaccine and who didn’t. But instead it’s based on each one’s attitude toward those who didn’t do what they themselves did. Ouch…

We’ve seen a plethora of fallacies and assumptions on covid and lately everyone seems to have fallen into one category – “us” or “them”. But could it be that this isn’t about a disease and its alleged cure? I’m reminded of when the disciples were walking with Yeshua, asking Him what would be the sign of His return and the end of the age. And He replied, “See that no one deceives you.” So clearly Yeshua was saying that before His return, the world would be full of lies and deception.

When the virus first arrived in Israel last March, the Ministry of Health anxiously declared “millions of Israelis will die!” In a country of just over 9 million, that seemed reason enough to push the panic button. The mandatory lockdowns did not just cause “temporary inconveniences” as some stated, but suicide, depression, domestic violence and loss of livelihood skyrocketed. In less than a year, the “cure” arrived to save us.

Now it’s easy to blame the Chinese, big Pharma and evil dictators who lust for power and wealth. But they will have to stand before the Master of the Universe one day and all their wealth will buy them nothing. And we, the Body of Messiah, will also have to stand before our Maker. Could it be that this virus was sent for our benefit by stopping religious programs for a season and giving us more time to press in to the presence of our King and His Torah?

Many have viewed endless articles and videos on this virus. But in 1 Corinthians we’re taught that knowledge makes us arrogant while love edifies. I don’t see a whole lot of love going on when believers who’ve taken the experiment call fellow believers who didn’t “trash” while the other side is also uttering lashon hora [Hebrew for slander]. Could it be that pre-believers would find it difficult to say lately, “See how they love one another.”

The majority have chosen to take the experiment in Israel. The names of all who abstained from it were sent to government authorities from all the national health clinics. Many were fired from their jobs and banned from social events. But no one was “forced” to take it.

Under nazism, communism and other such ideologies, people who did not comply with government orders were not allowed to be part of society. There was immense pressure to conform and any voices of dissent were rapidly silenced. So this is one reason I object to this experiment, along with my years of experience as an RN. A disease with a recovery rate of 99% doesn’t need a vaccine, which by the way, normally takes decades to develop in order to document the side effects.

The bottom line is that we are or at least we should be brothers and sisters in Messiah.  If you choose to take the jab, that’s entirely your choice and I respect that. So please respect my choice to wait another 30 years to observe the data and the long term effects of this experiment.

Could it be that instead of cursing one another with negative words, we could learn to bless and respect each other’s decisions? How else will we ever become spiritual mothers and fathers to the next generation?