Court case for Bible Society bookshop in Tel Aviv


The Bible Society in Israel requests prayer for a court hearing tomorrow January 24, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. The court case concerns the Bible Society bookshop in Tel Aviv, which has been in the same premises for 55 years and should have protected status. The owner, however, is alleging that by selling other Christian literature, in addition to the Bible, the Bible Society is violating its commercial license and therefore does not meet the criteria of a protected tenant.

Two representatives of the Bible Society are prepared to give evidence in court tomorrow, but they are understandably nervous and ask for prayer.

It is believed that the owner of the premises is being influenced by others who are opposed to the presence of the Bible Society in Tel Aviv and the sale of Christian books.

Please pray that:

a) The representatives will have the wisdom needed to present the truth in court in a way that will be effective and convincing

b) God will be glorified, that justice will be done and that the bookshop will be able to continue to function and make Christian literature available in a secular area of Tel Aviv

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