Crisis in Europe: What Happens Next?


One of the most foundational Scriptures for understanding God’s will for us is found in I Corinthians 10. Paul tells us the blessings and the protection and the catastrophes that happened to Israel “became our examples.” In other words, the way God dealt with Israel is the way He deals with us today. (Verse 6)

Our Jewish teacher, Paul, repeats this truth for emphasis: Now all these things happened to them as examples [for us], and they were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages have come. (Verse 11)

So how does Israel’s history help us understand what is happening in Europe today?

As we know, Europe has had many hundreds of years of Christian culture. Although there’s a whole lot in European history to be ashamed of and even horrified at, people in Europe who were really searching for God had at least a chance to understand that God sent His Son to pay for our sins through His sacrificial crucifixion and by His resurrection we have eternal life.

But for the most part, the people of Europe have gone their own way with superficial religious traditions, and for the last century, have become known as post-Christian nations.

Europeans who believe God created the heavens and the earth are mocked. Europeans who believe that not only is there a heaven but also a hell are thought to be primitives or just plain nuts.

For most Europeans, the “faith of our Fathers” is in the very distant past and is simply not a part of one’s life.

So now an army is invading Europe. An army of intensely religious men whose lives are first and foremost dedicated to their god – a different god than the One in the Bible who calls Himself the God of Israel.

The Bible teaches that when a nation is following God and godly principles, the nation prospers. When it does not, that nation is struck with great misfortune, and ultimately disappears. It almost never takes place instantly, but little by little it dissolves into chaos or obscurity, or is taken over by a different culture and different gods.

In Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the First Temple, he acknowledged that when the people of God sin, they will be defeated before an enemy, or face many other disasters such as drought, famine and plagues.

If that were not enough, “Replacement theology” which birthed “Christian” anti- Semitism began in Europe. Non-Europeans have no idea of the hundreds of years of terrible persecution against the Jewish people that started in Europe – long before the religion of the Koran existed. Islamic hatred of the Jewish people, of course, is demonically inspired. But it has received more fuel by a Christianity that decided God was finished with the Jews and had replaced them with themselves.

Last of all, the rising intensity of anti- Semitism today in Europe, encouraged by its growing Islamic population, is metastasizing into a deadly hatred of the very existence of Israel. The UN, backed by the European Union, is literally out to eradicate the nation of Israel.

Jewish Holocaust survivors warn that the atmosphere in some European cities reminds them of the late 1930’s when Hitler began his meteoric rise.

Without a radical miraculous outpouring of the Spirit of God on Europe, another god will be taking over. Its spirit will be diametrically opposed to the “truth that sets one free.” It’s now or never.

This article originally appeared on Moaz Israel Report, November 2015.