Crowdfunding campaign to help Joshua Aaron’s LIVE Concert Album at the Tower of David in Jerusalem

Joshua Aaron needs our help to fund his upcoming live album! For this talented American/Israeli artist, it all started with a passion to share his faith with the people of Israel and boldly sing of his love for the Savior, Yeshua.

His new project will take place this October 30th LIVE at the Tower of David, located within Old City Walls of Jerusalem. He’ll be accompanied by an amazing team of local musicians and friends including Jamie Hilsden & Yaron Cherniak of the band Miqedem, Native American Chief Joseph RiverWind and Dove award-winning Christian singer Aaron Shust to name a few.

As stated by Joshua, “I felt a strong impression on my heart that this isn’t the season to shrink back but to move forward boldly for the King!”

Joshua is hopeful to fill this iconic space with local Messianic believers and Christians visiting from the nations and the team also expects secular Israelis to be in attendance as well.

To learn more about how you can help Joshua raise the $100,000 needed to fund this historic night to be captured on CD & DVD visit the crowdfunding website or Joshua Aaron’s website.

Several perks are available when contributing to this project including pre-order of the CD or DVD. One very unique level of contribution allows you to join Joshua during his Israel tour. A link will be provided and posted each night (Israel time) for registered virtual tour members.

Tickets are also available on his site for those residing in Jerusalem at this time. The concert begins at 6:30pm.