Crown Him as King: A biblical comparison of servant promise in Donald Trump

Donald Trump has formally accepted his nomination to be the 45th president of the United States in Cleveland Ohio today. For over a year now Israelis (and those who have lived here generations) have asked me personally; who do I like for the next president? Just yesterday again the lady behind the counter at the supermarket asked me too yet again. Israelis really want to know one underlying question. It is always important to ask and have the mindset here in Israel as this “Is it good for the Jews?”

I heard the speech of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention (RNC) this morning Israel time. I tossed in my sleep beforehand, woke up at 4:30 a.m. and realized something was going on as I just couldn’t sleep. I was delighted to find when I turned on the TV (hoping not to wake my husband) that the big speech was going to start at any moment. I was able to watch the entire speech.

Trump spoke of terrorism, moms, kids, defense, at home and globally for Americans. He spoke of borders now porous, he spoke of vets and values of life and family. I was personally moved and almost moved to tears. The speech made so much good refreshing sense.

I personally have been praying for the nomination of the next US leader. My family on both sides immigrated to America in the 1700’s and I am a daughter of the America revolution, DAR two times over. America has always been in my heart and will be until the day I die. I have blue and white Israeli in me but I, also like many other American-born still have red white and blue blood. I love the country of America and was brought up to appreciate her and her values she was founded on. My dad was a military pilot. Mom was widowed and a single parent, so I relate to many things Trump mentioned. He talked of ex-president Lyndon B. Johnson enacting a law many years ago which religious organizations (churches) are not allowed to speak about politics. The current law forces Christians to not voice their beliefs about politics publically, yes not in churches. They can risk having their tax status privileges revoked. But I thought America was a free speech country! Take a closer look is what Mr. Trump is saying, he’s yelling it, are we hearing him yet? He does make a lot of sense. Keep in mind we are not electing a pope here, but a modern leader for the secular dominated world.

Now I know we have travelled a long way from some of our basic deep values with gay marriages allowed now and God not be allowed in state places etc. etc. We all know these things have happened to the good ol’ USA. We as believers in Messiah and the church pray for these biblical values to be restored.

The Bible actually teaches, however, that very dark days will be upon us before Jesus returns. Some will never turn to God the bible also teaches. That is not God’s heart as God wishes all men to be saved, but he will not do force conversion as was in the days of Jewish suffering under the Spanish inquisition done by man, not God.

I respected Mr. Trump’s speech. Although he is a man who married more than once, has kids from different wives and a slew of other sins, who can cast the first stone? While his wife uncovered things of her husband (and may I add as it’s widely known) and she too uncovered herself greatly in the past, I ask again, who can cast the first stone? Many have seen he needs prayers like all men. Many are ready to join him and like in the book of the Bible Joshua 9.

When the Gibionite people understood God was with the people of Israel something happened. They decided to do things at any cost to be joined to Joshua and have a peace treaty extended to them. Maybe Mr. Trump has seen God is with Israel. He went out of his way to mention Israel in his speech tonight. The Gibeonites were not worthy and did not qualify to have peace with Joshua but in their clever way obtained peace from Joshua! So we can say they received a blessing and would have otherwise perished.

The people of America too are on a downward spiral to perish. The vision of her pearls of foundation are being shaken to their core. When a people have no vision they perish. Mr. Trump gave vision tonight to the American people once again. It is not a vision clean on all accounts but he is trying. He did mention Israel in a big way. God will bless him for that. He thanked evangelicals on a huge platform, God will bless him for that. I did not hear him say he did not want God as he spoke. He actually seemed to commit to a better future through hard work and the right people. What could be better than that considering the age we live in? We are not yet living in the Messianic age where it will all be peaches and cream. We simply are not there yet. Donald Trump made a good case today for Israel and for the future of the American people. I think he deserves a chance. With our prayers he may be just the man for the hour. Mr. Cruz may have been your choice or another, yet this is the one crowned as king shall we say, for the nomination. Shouldn’t we therefore pray for him?

When the Israelites learned they had made a treaty with the wrong people (Gibeonites) and had been tricked, the decision came to honor it nonetheless. So it was decided to let them serve us and live with it anyway. We now have Donald Trump to live with, perhaps long term. A people who had come in from the back door, the Gibeonites, were allowed to stay with Israel in the end. The Gibeonites dressed in old clothes, lied and tricked their way in so they would not perish. Donald Trump may have not come in the front door as normal politicians, some say these things about him as well.  He is, however, the one who has joined with us including Israel to be a voice for the American people. Trump like the Gibeonites, has promised to serve. We too can honor that and where he has come from, afar (he was far from being nominated that is).

It is actually only Jesus the Messiah who comes through the front door, and God alone is good we learn from the Lord’s teaching. It was in fact interesting to see how Ted Cruz unraveled and broke his word while being allowed to share at the RNC. People think he is so good and righteous but he stabbed Donald in the back his strongest supporters now say. So may I say it again, only God is good, trust no man, not even Ted Cruz! We know the Gibeonites were trusting God when they wanted to align themselves with Israel, not trusting man. It has been said by many that Trump recently confessed Yeshua as Lord. Can we judge him? Has someone made us God? Not in the very least.

We should allow him to stay in the camp, let him enter our hearts and pray for him. When the people of Gibeon came in the back way (not the normal traditional route) and desperately wanted to align themselves with us, we as Israel allowed them to stay and serve. Donald Trump has promised to serve, Israel and the USA. Israel is the people of God. This man has been declared serving well as a servant, he has given his word as his bond to serve. And we as the people of God and Israel are a light to the nations and can appreciate his mentioning Israel on world platform, it was no light matter. Israel was not spoken of Palestine which irks so many, but Trump honored her original name given by God for the whole world to see, Israel. Doesn’t’ that speak to you? It speaks to me.

Give peace a chance, yes again, and again. Love hope and charity abound but the greatest of these is love. Now for the next platform of Mrs. Clinton begins next week. Let’s be sure to be praying that the best man win. Israel’s future is also entwined here in very intricate ways and roads. There will come that day when ten gentiles will want to align themselves with God by grabbing the tallit prayer shawl of a Jew. We had better be ready when that revival happens or we’ll lose the revival as Steve Hill the famous evangelist once said. We had better prepare the vessel to hold the outpouring which is coming in Israel’s direction. Jew and gentile, one man in Messiah Jesus, cleansed by his blood. Weather you came from the front door or back like the Gibeonites We as Israel can love you and embrace you, for we are called to be the light of the nations. May our light shine brighter if Donald Trump is elected, much brighter for a greater Israel, greater USA and a greater move of the Holy Spirit on all the earth.

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Miriam Abramov is Israeli and resides in Israel. She has published and written 2 books, "Shalom At Last" (co-authored with her husband Shlomy) and also her biography titled "Married to Israel". She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Israel College of the Bible and pursued an M.A. degree in Jewish Missions. She sponsors tours in Hebrew for Israelis to teach about the Bible. She co-leads a fellowship with her husband and teaches on Israel’s feasts internationally. She is recognized with International Journalism status and enjoys writing free-lance about Israel from an informed citizen’s perspective on a variety of subjects connected to the Holy Land.