Daily News Summary: First rains of the season, new election polls, Bronze Age NYC discovered, and more.

News Summary

Israel presented a pact for “non-agression” to Arab Gulf States during UN assembly, Foreign Minister confirms:
Foreign Minister Israel Katz confirmed via twitter on Sunday that he has been working on a pact of nonaggression with the Arab Gulf States. The plan has the full support of PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and seeks to take advantage of the shared concern with Iran.

Thousands come out to protest violence in Arab community:
Over the weekend  thousands of Arab Israelis conducted protests over the 68 deaths and overall rise in violence. Some individuals have called on the community to stand stronger and block the roads until the Israel police come and arrest the criminals. One individual present stated “”The police need to understand, if they don’t do anything, we’ll take the law into our own hands and start a war against the criminals…It might be extreme, but we’re ready to sacrifice our lives for a safe society.” Border Police forces were recently stationed in several Arab villages, but members of an extra-parliamentary organization that represents the Arab citizens dismissed this as an attempt to reinstate martial law and demanded a plan to fight the recent crime wave in coordination with local officials.

Over the weekend: first rains in Israel:
The first rains of the season came to Israel on Saturday, to Jerusalem and to Central and Southern Israel.

Only 42% of public support a government led by Netanyahu, according to latest poll:
A poll conducted by Walla News found that 42% of the public support the idea of Netanyahu leading a unity government, and 50% oppose it. The poll also found that if new elections were held today, there would be only a few minor changes in the allotment of seats, with Likud gaining one seat and Yisrael Beiteinu losing one. The result, however, would again be a gridlock, with the center-right coalition leading but with just 56 seats, 5 shy of the necessary 61 to form a government.

Russian journalist arrested in Iran, accused of being an Israeli Spy: Russian citizen and journalist Yulia Yuzik was arrested last week by the Islamic Republic and is facing charges that claim she is spying for the Israeli government. Yuzik could face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty. She was formerly a news correspondent in Tehran, and does not hold Israeli citizenship nor does she have an Israeli visa. 

Largest Bronze age city discovered in northern Israel:
In the north eastern town of Harish, a discovery was made during new road work construction. A 160-acre Bronze Age Canaanite city that experts say would have been home to 6000 people. Archaeologist involved in the project say this city and the artifacts found in it will give us a clearer picture of the life and culture during this time. The site will be open to the public in the future.