Daily News Summary for September 17, 2019

News Summary

Voter Turnout: As of 6PM Israel time, the voter turnout stood at 53.3%. This is a 1.5% increase in turnout as compared to the April elections from earlier this year. To follow live updates of the election results click here

Netanyahu speaks on Saudi Arabian Oil Plant attack: In an interview heard on Israel’s Army Radio, the Prime Minister stated that Israel is “well prepared” to assist militarily in the US-Iranian conflict if needed.

Insight on ultra-Orthodox voting: Jpost Religious Affairs Reporter Jeremy Sharon shares fascinating insight into the organization and communal nature of voting in the ultra-Orthodox communities. 

Facebook Suspends Prime Minister’s Chat Bot: Israeli election laws state that poll stats are not to be released before the polls close. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Facebook Chat bot was publishing opinion poll results and as a result was shut down. 

On Election Day, Dutch court hold Hearing: A Dutch court held a hearing today to decide if they will move forward with charging Blue and White co-chair Benny Gantz with war crimes from the 2014 Gaza conflict. 

Israeli Gymnast Wins Silver: Gymnast Linoy Ashram won the Silver Medal today in the World Championship. 

On This Day: On September 17, 1978, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin met in the United States and signed the Camp David Accords.