Daily News Summary: Gantz fails to form government, IDF strikes in Syria, and Holocaust survivor shows forgiveness

Benny Gantz, party head of Blue and White (Photo: Facebook)

Benny Gantz fails to form government:
On Wednesday night, Blue and White head
Benny Gantz informed President Rivlin that he has failed to form a government. Gantz returned the mandate to the president, which will now open the floor to any Knesset member to try to form a government within the next 21 days. If no government is formed, Israel will return to the ballet box for a third time.

Following the announcement, Benjamin Netanyahu made a statement to Gantz saying that he is “ready to have talks without preconditions.” Until now, Netanyahu has insisted on negotiating on behalf of a bloc of 55 right-wing Knesset Members, which Gantz has blamed as a key reason they were unable to form an agreement. 

IAF conducts overnight raid on Iranian outposts in Syria:
In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the IAF targeted Iran’s Quds force in Syria. The raid focused on bombing surface-to-air missiles, weapons warehouses and military bases according to the Associated Press. The attack was in response to four rockets that were fired at the Israeli Golan Heights on Tuesday. PM Netanyahu released this statement: “I made it clear: whoever harms us, we will harm them. That’s what we did tonight” Defense Minister Naftali Bennett stated that, “The rules have changed: whoever fires on Israel during the day will not sleep at night”.
The strike killed 23 people, 16 of which were Iranian. 

Dutch Parliament cutting aid to Palestinian Authority:
The Dutch parliament voted to halt all aid to the PA due to the payments made to Palestinian terrorists and their families. From 2017-2018 the Netherlands had invested 17.3 million euros in helping the Palestinian people. 

Former Nazi guard and Holocaust survivor hug at trial:
In a beautiful moment of forgiveness and love, holocaust survivor Moshe Peter Loth attended the trial of former Nazi guard Bruno Dey and embraced him. Dey had been a guard at the camp where Loth’s mother was and where he was born. Moshe walked forward in the courtroom and said, “Watch out everyone, I’m going to forgive him.”. Read the full account of the story here.