Daily News Summary: IDF looks to security in the north, Palestinian convert arrested, and half-siblings discover each other on army base

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi speaks to Israeli Navy soldiers on a ship in the Haifa Port during a surprise exercise on September 25, 2019. (Photo: Israel Defense Forces)

IDF concerned about security situation in North:

According to IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohav, Israel’s greatest threat is Iran, which is engaging in multiple efforts to threaten Israel from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. In Lebanon, the Iranian-backed terror organization Hezbollah is attempting to create precision missiles which would be able to avoid Israel’s missile defense systems to strike their targets. In response, the chief of staff proposes a multi-year plan to rapidly upgrade Israel’s capabilities through a combination of improved gear and additional training.


Palestinian man arrested after converting to Judaism: 

An Arab Palestinian man living near Hebron had completed his conversion to Judaism, but when visiting family in a PA controlled area he was arrested. Members of the Jewish community near Hebron clam that the man has been badly beaten while in custody. Advocacy groups are now calling on the prime minister and other members of the government to assist the man who is now being held in Ramallah. 


World Bank ranks Israel 35th for ease of doing business:

In two years, Israel has climbed from 54th place to 35th place among 190 countries in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report. The key reasons for Israel’s improved position in the ranking include easier tax reporting and payment systems and improved regulations involving exporting goods. Israel ranks particularly well in regards to paying taxes (13th), protecting minority investors (18th), and starting a business (28th). However it ranks far lower in regards to registering property (75th), enforcing contracts (85th), and getting electricity (83rd). 


Half-siblings find each other serving on the same army base:

Corporal Yael Ben-Shoshan was serving on a base near Gaza when she was contacted by her half-sister whom she had never met. As the sisters talked, the brother, Avishay, looked up where Yael was and realized that they were serving on the same base. Yael and Avishay connected and met up soon after. The siblings share the same father.