Daily News Summary: Jordan won’t renew lease on Israeli Farms, Bennet accepts Defense Minister position, Clashes in Yitzhar, and Plumbers show an act of kindness

Naharayim memorial (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Jordan regains sovereignty over Naharayim and Tzofar:
As the 1994 peace treaty has come to an end
, Jordan has officially chosen not to renew the lease of the combined 1300 acre plots in the Jordan valley. The farmers in Tzofar will be allowed to harvest their remaining crops but will be prohibited from planting new ones. The farmers in Naharayim privately own their land, so the Jordanian government is respecting the private ownership and granting the farmers visa to enter the land. Jordanian flags were hoisted in the areas and the IDF has pulled out and closed the gate to the entrances of Naharayim. 

Naftali Bennett awarded defense minister position in interim government:
Naftali Bennett of the New Right party accepted the Defense Ministry position and was approved Sunday by a cabinet vote. The offer of the ministry was presented to Bennett from Netanyahu last week. The offer comes on the heels of a series of statements from questioning the wisdom of the right wing parties negotiating with a single negotiation bloc. Many on the right had grown increasingly worried that Bennet and Ayelet Shaked of the New Right were considering defecting and joining a Gantz-led coalition.

Agriculture minister resigns:
Uri Ariel resign as Agriculture Minister today. The former National Union Party MK appears to be retiring at the request of Netanyahu himself. 

Clashes in Yitzhar as police attempt arrest:
The Israeli settlement of Yitzhar has seen a number of violent incidents in recent months, with settlers attacking Arab farmers in the area and even attacking IDF forces tasked with defending the farmers. In the latest incident on Sunday, police were bombarded with rocks as protesters lined the streets of Yitzhar attempting to prevent the arrest of resident Nirya Zarug. Fifteen civilians were injured.

Plumbers wave Holocaust survivor’s bill:
Israeli Arab brothers Simon and Salim Matari waved a 1,000 shekel plumbing fee from their client when they learned she was a Holocaust Survivor. The Haifa based team had been called to the home of Rosa Meir to fix a busted pipe. Aftering arriving and starting work, they began to talk about her life and she told them her story. The brothers gave her a bill that stated “Holocaust survivor, may you have health until 120 [a traditional Jewish blessing], from Matari Simon and Matari Salim.” The brothers also promised that they would take care of any future plumbing needs she may have, for free.