Daily News Summary: Netanyahu warns about Iran, PA elections could cause a major change in government, and Operation Moses hero dies

Netanyahu reveals the Iranian Secret Atomic Archive, 2018 (Photo: screenshot)

Netanyahu warns would leaders about Iran:
Following the news that Iran appears to be busy developing nuclear weapons, Netanyahu warned world leaders, and European leaders in particular, about the regime. Speaking in a Facebook live video, Netanyahu said “Iran lied. Iran continues to lie”, and world powers that “it’s time to snap-back sanctions.” Iran has alarmed world leaders with the sudden revelation that they are injecting uranium gas into centrifuges, and followed that announcement by detaining an international nuclear inspector.

Shocking revelations and controversy in Netanyahu corruption case:
On Wednesday, Justice Minister Amir Ohana of Likud stated that the police unfairly pressured a key witness in one of the corruption cases against Netanyahu. According to Ohana, the police knew about an extra-marital affair the witness was having, and threatened that they would “bring a bombshell” on him and his family if he didn’t comply and testify against Netanyahu. After Ohana’s remarks, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan issued a statement rebuking his version of events, saying he was attempting to “mislead the public.” This public dispute is the latest in the ongoing unraveling of the privacy of the Netanyahu case. Many key issues have come out into the open, through leaks and public statements, and the Attorney General has hinted that he believes Netanyahu is trying to publicize certain aspects of the case to swing public opinion in his favor.

Protest against Hamas:
A rare protest erupted against Hamas on Wednesday following their alleged murder of a 28-year-old university graduate. The family of the victim, Anan Abu Jameh from Khan Yunis in southern Gaza was thrown from his window last Friday by Hamas police who were arresting him. Hamas released a different version of events, saying he attempted to evade arrest by jumping onto a tree from his window, but fell. However, residents of the city spontaneously arose in protest against Hamas during the funeral, where demonstrators chanted “Hamas are murderers”. 

PA elections could be bad news for Mahmoud Abbas:
For the first time in 14 years, the Palestinian territories may be headed for elections. They would be held in both the West Bank and Gaza, unifying the two separate entities under one government. Abbas announced the desire to hold elections at the UN last month, but expected Hamas to reject the idea. However, Hamas embraced it and is now actively pushing for elections. In addition to Hamas, Abbas faces key challenges within the West Bank from political rivals. 

Jewish businessman who helped Operation Moses passes:
Georges Gutelman was a Polish Jewish Holocaust survivor and businessman that found several major airlines in Belgium. In the 1980s, the Massad contacted him about the plight of Ethiopian Jews and asked for his help with Operation Moses; which he gave gladly. Gutelman’s planes chartered the Ethiopians during the cover of night into Belgium and from there continued on to Israel. In total his support saved 8000 Ethiopian Jews. Gutelman passed away in Tel Aviv  on Tuesday, may his memory be blessed.