Daily News Summary: Sderot residents speak out, PA bans child marriage, good news for Israel’s water

News Summary

Sderot residents speak out about the terrible conditions living next to Gaza:
Over the weekend, the residents of the Gaza border-town Sderot were once again the victims of rocket attacks, and this time a home was hit and damaged. The residents of the house, who were safely in the bomb shelter during the attack, criticized the government over its inability to handle the situation, and were joined by the Mayor Alon Davidi, who complained that while the residents live in fear, the leaders of the attacks are still “walking around free.”

Palestinian Authority bans child marriage:
The PA government passed a law to make 18 the age of consent for marriage for both genders. Previously the age of consent was 15 for females and 16 for males in the West Bank. A few Arab Palestinian women spoke about the law to The Media Line, and had mixed reactions to the law. Many praised the law, but also brought up that the real issue was forced marriages, and without passing a law that made the consent of a woman a prerequisite for her to be married, the problem remains unaddressed.

Sea of Galilee height drops fewer inches in summer than ever before:
The Sea of Galilee, the largest freshwater reservoir in Israel, dropped just 23.6 inches over the summer. It is the smallest drop ever recorded, with previous years averaging 63 inches each summer. The water level in the Sea of Galilee is important because a low-level can cause ecological harm. Higher levels result in a greater availability of drinking water and higher levels in the Jordan River, which can positively impact the ecology of much of Israel.

Ayelet Shaked of the New Right Party believes there is a chance for a right-leaning government to form:
In a facebook live video aired Tuesday, Shaked said that she believes that a unity government is unlikely to form. However, she said that a right-leaning government is possible because the Haredim and Avigdor Liberman could form an agreement that would bring them together. The Haredi parties and Liberman have thus far not been able to agree to any compromise, but if they do, a right-leaning government could form. Shaked also said that going to another election will harm the right wing.