Daily News Summary: September 25, 2019

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly government conference at the PM's office in Jerusalem on October 15, 2017. (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky/POOL)

Benjamin Netanyahu tasked for forming a Government
President Rivlin has tasked PM Netanyahu with forming a government. Netanyahu has been given four weeks in which he must meet the required 61 mandates in order to form a coalition. This is considered unlikely, given the fact that he currently stands at 55 mandates, and all the remaining parties appear to be locked in their decision to not join the coalition as it is currently assembled. The most likely scenario still appears to be a unity government or a return to elections.

Channel 12 airs interview with Christian from Gaza who endured abuse under Hamas
Arab Christian Kamal escaped the Gaza strip, and lived to tell the tale of living under Hamas’ leadership. Kemal told Channel 12 “I was put in a number of prisons, and the Hamas prison is just a beating and psychological torture.” There are reportedly only a few hundred Christians left in Gaza.

A rabbi associated with the Shas party states that Shas could join a Gant-led government
Rabbi Tzion Boaron is quoted in Yediot Aharonot that there is little difference between Gantz and Netanyahu when it comes to religious matters, and Shas should consider joining a Blue and White-led government. If Shas were to join such a government, Gantz would have enough support to lead it.

The Israeli Air Force appoints first female squadron commander
Lt. Col. G. received the appointment to command the Nachshon Squadron. A mother of two boys, her career in the air force dates back to 2003 when she graduated from the 151st IAF pilots’ course.

The first Israeli woman in space
Although not technically an Israeli citizen, Jessica Meir, born to an Israeli father, departed from Earth on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.