Daily News Summary – September 26, 2019

News Summary

Netanyahu asks to broadcast his pre-indictment hearing live, AG rejects:
Netanyahu complained that the investigations against him over the last three years have had details leaked to the press consistently, and those leaks directly attacked and harmed him. He stated that he would prefer to have everything become public, so both sides can be heard. The Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit rejected his request, calling it “unprecedented” and borderline “disrespectful.”

Palestinian Authority condemns plans for a new hospital in Gaza: US nonprofit company Friendship has plans for a field hospital in Gaza, funded in part by Qatar, and the PA is not pleased. The PA stated that it is “categorically opposed to any project that affects Palestinian sovereignty, Palestinian rights and the Palestinian national project.” They also called it an “attempt to whitewash the image of the Israeli occupation, whose hands are stained with Palestinian blood.”

Israel’s population hits 9 million:
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics annual report, Israel’s population stands at 9,092,000. There are about 6.7 million Jews, 1.9 million Arabs, and 441,000 classified as “other”.

Holocaust survivors renew their vows after 70 years of marriage:
In an event organized by the Claims Conference, a handful of married couples, all of whom survived the holocaust, renewed their marriage vows.