Daily News Summary: Storm from mediterranean, right-wing activists torch Border Police tent, Likud and Blue and White ready to meet Sunday

News Summary

Rare cyclone set to hit central and southern Israel from Mediterrean:
Forecasters are predicting that a rare “tropical-like” storm that is currently in the Mediterranean sea will strike Israel and Egypt over the weekend. Central and southern Israel is preparing for the storm, which could bring heavy flooding and winds up to 115 kilometers an hour (68 miles per hour).

Right-wing activist sets Border Police tent on fire near Yitzhar settlement:
The police are still searching for the suspect, who apparently was responding to the recent demolition of illegal settlement construction near Yitzhar, which is in Samaria (the West Bank) about 50 km (30 mi) north of Jerusalem.

Blue and White and Likud scheduled to hold coalition talks on Sunday:
Blue and White will meet with Likud to discuss terms of government. The consensus is that it is unlikely for any significant developments to take place at least in this round of negotiations. One issue that will almost certainly come up is how Netanyahu could take a leave of absence from the PM role if he is indicted, and if the agreement is that he and Gantz share the PM role on a rotational basis. Such a leave of absence is currently prohibited by law if it lasts more than 100 days.